Surviving The Silly Season: 6.5 Tips For Healthy Eating At Christmas Time

Dec 11, 2008 | Eating Right

How many people do you know that roll into work after their Christmas break, resembling one of the many puddings they ate over their break? Maybe I’m talking about you!  Why let it all go out the window for that few weeks around Christmas? You’ve been focusing on losing weight for months, and in the short space of time, you’ve thrown it all out the window and its back to the drawing board.

Well not this year!

You have a new mindset now. It’s not that you are trying hard to be good, but your new way of thinking means you will be eating differently out of a respect for yourself, you will enjoy feeling full but not sickly stuffed. How will you feel come the 1st of January knowing that you remain lighter than this time last year and you have really turned a corner in your relationship to food? Now is the most important time of the year to show to yourself that you really have turned a corner. Follow these tips to help keep your new mindset on track.

1. Exercise the morning of the Christmas party: Expend more calories on the days you will be eating and drinking more calories. I say the morning because then you are less likely to get distracted by other things such as last minute Christmas shopping.

2. Exercise on Christmas day: I bet you never slept in on Christmas day as a kid, so why now? Wake up early and go for a lovely trot around the block 30mins before the festivities begin. It’s such a great way to start the day (even if you’re hung over).

3. Drink like a fish: No I am not talking about alcohol, water is a fast way to fill you up, so take that 1.5L bottle with you and drink it throughout the day.

4. No more meat than the size of your palm: and fill your plate with salad. A lot of Christmas lunches are buffet. Buffets have a tendency to bring out the piglet in us. Stick to salad and no more meat than what would easily fit in the palm of your hand (not including your fingers!).

5. Canapes are out: When at a cocktail party, it tends to be easier to say no to everything rather than study the morsel and take pot luck in your pickings. Eat a late lunch and know in advance what your dinner plans are. Turning up at 6pm to a party having not eaten since 1pm is a recipe for disaster. Eat half your lunch at 1pm and half at 5pm. Also remember point 3 and drink lots of water late in the afternoon. I promise you won’t feel hungry and tempted.

6. Don’t eat unless a) you are sitting down, and b) the food is on a plate: There will be so much yummy ham in the fridge and crumbling bits of pudding. Nibbling is one of the great curses for weight loss.  Enjoy the leftovers as a meal, put them on a plate. Sit down and savour them. Stop yourself as you reach to eat straight from the fridge.

6.5 Observe your overweight colleagues versus the slim ones: Ouch this sounds harsh. I am not asking you to look down your nose and judge anyone. But if you have made a choice to be a certain way (and there is no right or wrong, it’s completely up to you) observe others who have made the same choice. If you chose to lead a ‘slim’ life observe how the other slim people operate throughout the silly season. Genetics plays a much smaller role than you are probably thinking. How much food did they put on their plate? Are they going back for seconds or thirds? Are they eating the canapes? Remember that understanding who you are being dictates what you will be doing. Learn from others.

The silly season can be a wonderful time, so enjoy yourself without obsessing over food and your weight. You are doing this out of respect not punishment so use these tips and enjoy the new you with all the rewards it brings.

If you have any more tips for readers, I’d love to hear them…

Merry Christmas!




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