Workout: 10 Days To Christmas

Dec 5, 2018 | fitness, Weight Loss

Typically this is the time our training routine is more stuffed than the Christmas Turkey, so here are 10 Days of Christmas Fitness Challenges to make sure that Christmas pudding doesn’t end up on your waist! They are designed to be short, but intense so there are no excuses. All workouts should begin after a 5-7 minute warm up which includes a jog, skip or combination of butt kicks, jumping jacks and bodyweight squats.

Day 10

Because too much Christmas cheer will end up your rear, here is a circuit to make that bum burn! 3 rounds: 50 squats 50 alternating lunges (1 leg = 1 rep) 50s hip raises (squeeze 5s and lower) Finish this off with 3 rounds of 1min skipping. Count your reps per round and try to beat the first round or stay consistent.

Day 9

Push Up Challenge Want to really strengthen those arms so you can carry more presents? Do this challenge twice in the day. Tally your total reps and you will be amazed! 5 rounds of pushups to failure – knees or toes! Rest 30s between the first 3 rounds and then 60s for the last 2 rounds

Day 8

It’s a STAIR day! The challenge is – everywhere you go, take the stairs for the day and try to achieve 10,000 steps in total!

Day 7

Burp Off! Too many fizzy things, alcohol or canapés this week? Do yourself a favour with this burpee challenge and burn those calories. 100 burpees challenge. Do it as fast as you can with good form. What time did you clock?

Day 5

“Shopping is my cardio”, said Carrie Bradshaw! Yep, its getting close – it’s the last weekend before the big day and you are racing around the shopping centre like Santa’s sleigh. Incidental exercise includes racing around the shops so why not boost it for the day by parking further away from the entrance (you may not have a choice on this one!) and stash your bags in your car rather than using a trolley or giving cramping your hands. Aim for 12,000 steps today!

Day 4

Patience is a virtue, particularly at this time of the year! Test your endurance with these little challenges. Each exercise is done 3 times. 1st round 30s, 2nd – 45s, 3rd – 60s. 60s recovery between each round. (Increase or decrease if required. Exercise 1: Wall Sit Exercise 2: Sit Ups Exercise 3: Tricep Dips Exercise 4: Push Ups

Day 3

Ab Circuit Let’s leave the round belly to Santa and focus on our core strength. 25 sit-ups 25 reverse crunches Plank 30sec 25 bicycle crunches 25 twist toe touches (hand to opposite toe) 4 rounds to feel the burn!

Day 2

It’s GRINCH day! All the hard work is almost over; you are tired just thinking about the day ahead. Kick start your day with this energizing plyometric workout – it will get you through! 1-minute blast of each exercise for 3 rounds, 1-minute rest in between: High Knees Mountain Climbers Jump Squats Power Pushups (can do on knees) Tuck Jumps Burpees 

Day 1

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Today’s focus is to enjoy the company of your family and friends, enjoy your food and wine in moderation, BUT, start the morning off, straight away with a 45min run, jog or power walk. The craziness will start soon enough so do this first up and get it done. 45mins will fly by in a flash and you will have a guiltless day of treating yourself!


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