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With over two decades of experience in the health and wellbeing industry, and as a mum of four young kids, I know all too well how a mum’s health impacts the whole family.

 I am a registered exercise scientist and nutritionist with a Bachelor of Exercise Science, Post Graduate Certificate in Nutrition and Masters of Human Nutrition.


A podcast series for Mums who are ready to regain control of their bodies, minds and lives.



Amelia empowers and inspires audiences with her optimistic, empathetic and emotionally charged presentations.


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I haven’t spoken much about this on here, but my journey into the power of integrative medicine began once I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after falling pregnant with baby #2.

After being prescribed Levothyroxine medication and using it for 5 years, I decided I wanted to try and find an alternative route to try to treat the root cause and fully heal my body. That’s when I met Dr. Jasmina Hagan, a functional medicine doctor who guided me over 6mth using targeted nutrition.

In this process, I was able to wean off of my medication & restore my thyroid hormones to healthy levels.

For me, it was by implementing a few easy nutrition strategies:

🌿 Adding seaweed into my day to make sure I was eating my daily iodine requirements (150mcg per day)
🇧🇷 Eating 5-6 Brazil nuts per day to meet my daily selenium requirements (55mcg per day minimum)
🌾 Removing gluten from my diet: Molecular mimicry between gluten and thyroid proteins (specifically glidin) share structural similarities with proteins found in the thyroid gland. This may trigger an immune response, contributing to inflammation. Gluten consumption could also increase intestinal permeability (leaky gut) and lead to the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, potentially impacting thyroid health.

I know thyroid healing may not be so straightforward for everybody, and we must always work with a specialist... However, adequate (ideally optimal!) vitamins and minerals are the foundation for our body to function properly, and definitely worth investigating, and understanding your levels.

I talk a lot about these topics in my Healthy Her podcast 🎙️available in the link in my bio.

Location @novoahealth such a stunning space!

#1 sign you know are doing it right 😂 #mumlife

(Psst...Btw, have you checked out my latest podcast episodes yet? They`re all about rebuilding your body, health & your life, no matter what stage of motherhood you are at)!

Available on Spotify & on my website: The Healthy Her Podcast, see you in there! ✨

How does trauma affect our body?

New Pod Drop: I am constantly blown away by the connection between our mindset & physical health. In this ep, I talk through my own trauma related experience and the effect it had on me.

You will LOVE hearing from the incredible Filipa Balette @chrisandfilly_fm , Functional Medicine Practitioner who specialises in trauma healing & burn-out.

We deep dive into:
✨ The mind-body connection & the role of trauma
✨What trauma is in relation to the HPA axis and physical health
✨ Tools to regulate your nervous system
✨ How she works to help heal her clients
✨ Our own personal stories healing previous trauma & burnout-related physical issues

Listen to the Healthy Her podcast 🎙 on Spotify or via my website!


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