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I am a Fitness & Nutrition Expert, TV presenter, Trainer & Blogger passionate about helping women lead healthy and fulfilled lives.


With over two decades of experience in the health and wellbeing industry, and as a mum of four young kids, I know all too well how a mum’s health impacts the whole family.

 I am a registered exercise scientist and nutritionist with a Bachelor of Exercise Science, Post Graduate Certificate in Nutrition and Masters of Human Nutrition.


A podcast series for Mums who are ready to regain control of their bodies, minds and lives.



Amelia empowers and inspires audiences with her optimistic, empathetic and emotionally charged presentations.


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I just have to tell myself this is just my new fabulous resting parent face! 🤣 #mumlife #permanentexhaustion #thankgoditstheweekend ...

The truth is... Cortisol needs to be balanced, not always “lowered” (though this is the most common goal).

Cortisol is highest in the morning, and lowest in the evening, which is a normal part of our daily rhythms... The real problem lies when this pattern flips, or when cortisol levels are CONSTANTLY high or CONSTANTLY low.

Yesterday the doors opened to my 8 week program, INNER VITALITY, where I teach you how to balance ALL pillars of your health from a root cause approach.

We get over 50+ blood biomarker tests done for you and address key areas such as:
- metabolic health
- thyroid health
- inflammation
- nutrient deficiencies
- detoxification
- lifestyle
- sleep
- cardiovascular health
- mindset & goal setting
- nervous system support
and so much more!

When all of these are out of balance, they’re likely going to cause a cascade of other imbalances in the body, INCLUDING cortisol.

It’s not too late to join us, send me a DM or tap the link in my bio to register before it’s too late 🚀

This one was a fun one! All about the best foods for longevity! Which of these foods could you use a bit more of? 👀

Watch for my top tips and fire away with any questions (did you get the bit about cooking your cruciferous veggies and not eating raw?).

If you love practical tips for food you’ll love my online program Inner Vitality ✨😍 It’s an 8-week journey where I teach you how to take your health into your own hands. We dive deep, testing over 50 essential biomarkers (ones your doctor might not even think to check!) to give you insights into your overall well-being, from inflammation to metabolism to nutrition and beyond.

Integrative GP Dr. Jasmina and I teach you how to interpret your results, what to eat (over 80+ recipes, meal plans & shopping lists), personalised supplements to take, exercise protocols, mindset activities and more!

Comment longevity and I’ll send you the link to learn more 💪🏼

I’m a true believer that you shouldn’t have to suffer from migraines, night sweats, mood swings and other frustrating symptoms that come alongside perimenopause and menopause.

Join me for the latest Healthy Her episode 🎙where I invited Stephe Lowe @thenaturalnutritionist to talk all things peri-menopause.

We discuss:
- What symptoms to look out for
- What to test for
- Cycle tracking tips and her favourite apps
- Steph’s favourite supplements to reduce symptoms
- Hormone replacement therapy
and so much more!

Available to listen to on apple or Spotify. 🎧


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