I believe a life filled with purpose is a truly fulfilled life.
My goal is to help people to become healthier, happier
and in control of their health.

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Meet Amelia

Amelia Phillips, Nutritionist & Exercise Scientist (BHSc, MNut)

I am a Fitness & Nutrition Expert, TV presenter, Trainer & Blogger passionate about helping women lead healthy and fulfilled lives.

With over two decades of experience in the health and wellbeing industry, and as a mum of four young kids, I know all too well how a mum’s health impacts the whole family.

I am a registered exercise scientist and nutritionist with a Bachelor of Exercise Science, Post Graduate Certificate in Nutrition and Masters of Human Nutrition.


Wed, 17 July 2024 8 PM – 9 PM AEST

Conquering Low Energy 
and Stubborn Weight

Healthy Her

A podcast series for Mums who are ready to regain control of their bodies, minds and lives.

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Amelia Phillips
Nutritionist & Exercise Scientist
(BHSc, MNut)
Dr Jasmina Dedic-Hagan
Specialist GP, Functional Medicine
(BSc, PhD, MBBS)

Over 8 weeks, Dr. Jasmina and I will show you how to use insights from the latest biomarker technology to inform your exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle so you can take control of your health.


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Connect with Amelia

Day in the life... Anybody else? 🙋🏼‍♀️🤣🤣🤣 #happysaturday #fitnessgoals #mumlife ...

New Pod Drop! ✨ In this one you get to meet two of the couples I worked with, Eliana and Enver, on the CH9 TV show, "Do You Want to Live Forever".

Follow their incredible journey @katzeefamily and learn more about how they have literally managed to add (healthy) years to their life and lower their bioage by the principles we go through in the show.

This one is suuuuuch a good ep and def worth a listen!

Available on Spotify or iTunes. 🎧

Habits my future self will thank me for:

*Savoury Breakfast: I encourage everybody out there to do this one. A savoury breakfast helps stabilise blood sugar levels and keeps you feeling fuller for longer, is essential for mental health, cardiovascular health, lowering inflammation, immunity, and can even cause weight loss.

*Moving after Meals: This keeps blood sugar stable & encourages healthy digestion after eating. Either do your daily chores after your eat or take a short walk. This can improve your metabolism and support weight management.

*Strength: Building muscle mass is *crucial* for a healthy metabolism, bone strength, and overall vitality. Incorporate resistance training into your routine will keep you strong, resilient and energised as you age! 👏🏼💪🏼

*Food `quality: AKA nutrient rich mostly whole-foods. Antioxidants combat oxidative stress and inflammation, protecting your cells from damage. Load up on colourful fruits and vegetables, nuts, & seeds to boost your antioxidant intake to support longevity.

*Early Dinners most Nights: For my family it`s 6pm, & allows the body time to digest before bed, improving sleep and metabolic health. Finish your last meal at least 2-3 hours before snoozing off. I`m a huge fan of intermittent fasting as this helps to improve insulin sensitivity and lower inflammation in the body.

*Not Eating until Hungry: Listening to hunger and fullness cues leads to better digestion, weight management, and a healthier relationship with food. Feeling hungry below the neck (tummy grumble) is very different to feeling hungry above the neck (eg a taste in your mouth) which is a craving.

*Testing Biomarkers: Regularly testing blood sugar, cholesterol, thyroid levels, detoxification pathways, & micronutrients, provide valuable insights into your health. Early detection allows for proactive adjustments to your lifestyle, ensuring you can catch anything that might be creeping in early!

I recommend starting to pick one of these and slowly implementing them into your routine. Trust me, your older self will thank you for it! 💖 Drop any habits you choose to do in the comments below 💖 x

I am so excited for you all to meet the four couples I worked with on the new Ch9 series Do You Want to Live Forever. I was their programmer for the series, helping design the testing and 12 week longevity protocol for each participant. They range in age and ability and I know they will inspire and motivate you. Follow along this series, you’ll laugh, cry, learn loads and be inspired. ✨I’ll share lots of BTS and also interview each couple and Dr Nick on my podcast. My goal was to change the trajectory of these legend’s lives adding, not just years, but healthy years to their lives. My other goal was to inspire you, my wonderful community, to educate you, to show you that you don’t need a massive overhaul to transform your health. Enjoy this series hosted by the incredible @drnickcoatsworth and the super smart but warm @_tracy_grimshaw (you will see a new, vulnerable but still no BS side to Tracey). DM me with questions, and let’s use this opportunity to add some healthy habits (and years) to our life. Are you ready for it!? #monday7:30 #channel9 #doyouwanttoliveforever @elizaandliberty @katzeefamily @t.williamson_ @lukee.williamson @tomasthebruce ...


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