Amelia’s Pick: Body Weight AMRAP Workout

Nov 11, 2018 | fitness

Using free-weights for a training session is incredibly empowering. Lifting weights can make you feel super strong – invincible! However, we often forget that using our own body weight for a particular exercise can be just as rewarding, perhaps even better, some would argue.

So keeping that in mind, I want to place a challenge before you, where I want you to use your own body weight to complete five exercises, as seen in the video below. They’re all basic, everyday moves that you’re probably used to doing, but here you must do them in circuit format for six-continuous-minutes. I call this my AMRAP circuit, i.e., as many rounds as possible.
No stopping, no breaks and no cheating!

The five exercises:
– Plyometric lunges
– Mountain climbers
– Push ups
– Over-the-fence jumps
– Tricep dips

Give me 12x reps of each exercise and repeat the circuit for as many rounds as you can do in six minutes. Repeat 2-3 times per week and try to beat your personal best. Set an alarm on your phone, if necessary.
I guarantee you’ll be huffing-puffing by the end of this workout. Watch the video for a quick demo and do the routine at your gym or somewhere outdoors.



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