Amelia’s Pick: The ultimate skipping variations

Oct 15, 2018 | fitness

If you’re looking for the ultimate calorie burner then you better scramble through your childhood play set and get that skipping rope out. This rope can boost up your metabolism, send your heart rate to the moon and pump up your body’s fat burning system like no other.

The number of calories your body burns while skipping is reliant on the speed of your jump rate and your own body fat percentage. However, it’s for sure that if you put aside 10-12 minutes of skipping towards the end of every workout, you’re in for a treat for your body.

To keep things interesting, I have put together six of my favourite variations of skipping in the video below:
– Double Bounce
– Basic Jump
– Alternate Foot Jump
– Double Unders
– Cross overs
– Side to side

Challenge your legs, challenge yourself and do these at least 3-4 times a week until you master each of these variations. Have fun with it, because guess what, summer is just around the corner!



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