Spring Workout: Plyometric Training

Sep 24, 2014 | fitness

Think moves that are explosive, powerful, fast and intense!

Plyometric training, also referred to as “jump training” or ‘plyo’s’ is described as exercises that are based on ‘rapidly stretching a muscle (eccentric) and then rapidly shortening a muscle (concentric)’. It’s like taking a standard exercise and adding power – e.g. squat to a squat jump.

To improve performance a lot of athletes use this type of training, however the American College of Sports Medicine says that both children and adults can benefit from this type of training to strengthen muscles. The evidence suggests that the ‘stretch-shortening cycle improves muscle reflex and the power of muscular contractions’.

Plyometric moves are used in lots of sports such as skiing, boxing and basketball, as well as H.I.I.T workouts, or even more basic moves – skipping. Also think about kids playing hopscotch or jump rope; they’re the types of moves we are talking about.

A word of warning, though: there is a risk of injury if you are new to strength training. Plyometrics should only be introduced to your training program gradually when you have correct technique of all the basic functional movements down pat (lunge, squat, push up etc.), good alignment and general strength.

This plyometrics workout is great to add to your weekly strength-training program to mix it up and get that heart rate pumping!

Click on the photos below to see our resident fitness expert, Amanda Clout, demonstrate each move from the workout routine.

Warm up

30sec skipping or light jogging


30sec alternating lunges


30sec skipping or light jogging


30sec bodyweight squats



Exercise Reps/Time Comments (see photos)
Box Jumps (travelling, 2-3 boxes) 90secs as many as you can Stable box at least 30cms high;Jump from box to ground and do in reverse;

Always land in a squat position, soft knees, butt down and chest high

Plank Jacks 20 (out in counts as 1) Start in plank position, jump legs out and in;Squeeze butt and keep it down in a plank position;

Tight through the core.

Sumo Jump Squats 20 (out in counts as 1) Feet together, jump out into sumo squat;Drive bodyweight up and back into centre;

Should be continuous

Recover for 1minX3 rounds
Jumping lunges 16 (8 each side) Start in lunge position;Drive bodyweight up and switch to other leg

Keep torso upright and knees on 90deg angle, soft knees

Speed Skaters 60secs Lunge out to your right, landing in your heel;Lead knee follows the direction of the toes;

Drive bodyweight upright and transfer to opposite side;

Keep torso upright and core tight

Push up claps to sprint 5 reps5 pushups 1 run = 1 rep Pushup position;Drive through chest to lift hands of ground

Jump up and sprint for 10secs

Recover for 1minX3 rounds


Cool Down

Light jog or easy skip

Stretch all major muscle groups

Who’s keen on trying this tomorrow morning in your group training sesh? 


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