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Summer is definitely around the corner and it’s time to get the sand between your toes. However, make your next visit to the beach a little more exercise-friendly, and not just sunbaking and splashing around in the water.

Here is your Bikini Body Workout to get you fit and toned for the summer months focusing on cardio and strength. Wondering why you should take your training session to the beach? Here are some reasons for it:

  • The sand demands you use more muscles because of the uneven surface which means you will go through a deeper range of motion;
  • Sand provides greater resistance than other surfaces which means its great for strength, cardio and endurance training;
  • Your heart rate increases a lot quicker than on solid ground because you use up more energy with the continually shifting (and sinking) sand.

Before you get started here are a few key points for setting up your workout on the beach:

  • Try barefoot – this gives your ankles a workout. If you are prone to ankle issues though – wear your runners;
  • Sunscreen is a must – on the face from the cheeks down (so when you sweat it doesn’t go into your eyes);
  • Make sure you have a water bottle and towel;
  • Always good to do a quick walk around the area you will be training – just so there are no nasty surprises.

Images for all the workouts and circuits are towards the end of the post, consult them to see the technique.

Warm Up:

5min powerwalk up the beach and then 5min jog back to starting point.

Circuit 1:

Mark out a 20 metre distance – use your towel, draw a line in the sand or even use some seaweed.

–       Beach crawl from one line to the other

Start on hands and knees and then lift your knees off the ground, keeping your hips low. Together move one hand and the opposite knee forward. (Looks similar to a baby crawling) Keep the bum down.

–       10 pushups

–       10 V Sit Ups

Begin in a seat position, engage your core and lift your legs to a 45-degree angle. Maintaining a good posture with chin tucked, reach your arms up towards your shin. Hold for 5-10sec and slowly release

–       Sprint back to the beginning

Each time you get to the pushups and V Sit Ups reduce by 1; continue until you get down to 1. (I.e. 10 rounds)


Circuit 2:

Using the same 20metre distance.

–       Lunge walk from one end to the other

–       10 side lunges

Great in the sand! Work your inner thigh hard by keeping that leg straight and dragging sand towards your other foot until in a standing position

–       Sprint back to the beginning

Repeat 5 rounds.


Circuit 3:

Find a part of the beach that inclines and mark out 20 metres

–       Sprint up the incline

–       20 tricep dips

–       Jog back to the beginning and hold plank for 30s

Repeat 5 rounds


Cool Down:

5min power walk and a stretch of all the major muscles. Maybe even a swim if you are up for it and the conditions are good!






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2 responses to “Your Bikini Body Workout”

  1. Claire says:

    Would this kind of training be ok for one recovering from ITBS?

    • Amelia Phillips Amelia Phillips says:

      Hi Claire, I’d say it’s best if you asked your personal trainer or GP who knows your history of ITBS. Especially if it was a serious case.

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