Staying Motivated as the Weather Cools Down

May 21, 2018 | fitness, Motivation

As the weather cools down, watch that your motivation doesn’t as well. We all know the shorter days and winter months can be a calorie catch-out. A minefield of weight gain traps. Rich winter foods, less daylight hours for outdoor activity, lazy Sundays in bed, cheese and wine by the fire. Sounds so tempting doesn’t it?

Well fast track to Summer, peeling off the trackies and squeezing into your summer wardrobe: will your thighs have an uncanny resemblance to the Tomme Crayeuse you devoured? Don’t let your waistline disappear under the doona of body fat, follow these simple tips and find the balance between staying fit and getting cozy.

Tip #1: Commit to an exact number of workouts each week. No exceptions (4 is ideal): If this means your laziness midweek lands you a weekend of activity, so be it. Personally I like to get it over and done with midweek so I can relax on the weekend.

Tip #2: Join an exercise group and pay upfront: 6 weeks of boxing classes, 12 week challenge in the gym, 10 personal training sessions. You will feel compelled to go and get support from your peers/trainer.

Tip #3: 6 weeks on, 1 week off: Give yourself a break every 6 weeks (even if you don’t feel like it) and book a massage. I bet you miss the workouts and come back rearing to go!

Tip #4: Soup, soup and more soup! Yes we all love comfort food in winter, so avoid the fatty pastas and have soup. Make it, buy it, freeze it. So long as it’s low fat and packed with veggies, you can eat it till your hearts content. Ps. absolutely no butter on your bread and no bread at night.



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