Diet Secrets Of 45+ Women

Oct 6, 2014 | Eating Right, Weight Loss

Halle Berry. Jennifer Aniston. Elle MacPherson. Cindy Crawford. Sandra Bullock.

All these women have one thing in common – they are over 45 and are looking pretty damn good.

How you ask? It isn’t just the regular Pilates session that keeps their bodies oh-so envious and toned but a lot of credit also goes to their diet. These 45+ women might be only a handful of years away from hitting the big 5-0, but there’s not a single inch of their body that shows the age.

From eating protein for breakfast to loading up on fresh fish, you can now take a leaf out of these celebrities’ nutrition pages and introduce them to your life.

All secrets are in the video above from my Mornings9 segment with David and Sonia (with little Charlotte still in my bump!).



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