Family Hacks to Reduce Toxin Exposure and Boost Immunity

Oct 20, 2022 | Podcast

With so many chemicals in everyday products how can we know which ones are the worst culprits, and what are some safer, effective alternatives? How can we fight off colds and boost our kids immunity the natural way? Host Amelia Phillips and founder of 123 Nourish Me Alisa Latto discuss the practical family hacks to reduce toxin exposure and fight off sickness at the first sign of a sore throat. 

About the guest:

Alisa Latto (and her business partner Dani Crews) are both Mums and the founders of 123 Nourish Me, an education hub, vibrant community and marketplace for organic, clean products for the family and home. From sunscreens to organic, nutrient rich foods and beverages, essential oils and household products, 123 Nourish Me is a great community for parents trying to raise healthy happy kids.

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Below is an unedited transcript of the podcast episode:

My mother-in-law almost died of skin cancer. When she was pregnant with her youngest, she was advised to get an abortion because she may not survive the pregnancy along with the cancer treatment and after a massive operation and the treatment she has lived to tell the tale. And her youngest will, who’s now a dad, is very glad that she went against her doctor’s.

Nevertheless, skin cancer risk runs on both sides of my family and Tim goes every six months and comes back with chunks taken out of his. So as a result, every day I insist that my kids wear sunscreen before they leave the house. Yet last week one of the brands we use, the Cancer Council, ironically, was recalled because of dangerous levels of the car.

Benzene was detected. I mean, come on. Like I’m damned if I do, I’m damned if I don’t. You know, we all want the best for our kids, but reducing toxins in their life and boosting their health and immunity just seems like such a confusing up. Battle Altima,


Welcome to Healthy Her. I’m Amelia Phillips, and today I’m joined by a lady so dedicated to the health of her family and who was so confused by the messaging and the branding out there that she felt compelled to start a business to help other parents make healthier choices. Eli Lato and her business partner Danny Cruz, are both moms and the founders of 1 2, 3, Nourish me an education.

Vibrant community and marketplace for organic, clean products for the family and home. From sunscreens to organic nutrient rich foods and beverages, essential oils and household products, 1, 2, 3. Nourish Me is a great community for parents trying to raise healthy, happy kids. If you don’t already follow them on Instagram.

Jump into my show notes and follow. It’s one of the few accounts that I always turn the volume up as their advice is so practical and relevant, and frankly very entertaining. Thank you for joining me today, Elisa. Oh, it’s such a pleasure. Thank you so much for having me. Now look, I need to be really upfront, okay?

I’m a busy mom on a. With fussy kids. I’m just not in the mood to activate my own nuts. I’m not sure my kids would even eat soggy nuts anyway, to be honest. So with your advice today, can we filter it through this busy mom lens? Well, let me just start by saying who has the time to activate nuts? I mean, really, I don’t activate nuts either, and I don’t even think my kids.

Nuts that have been activated. And what does that even mean? I mean, the thing is, I think that we make it far too complicated for moms, and most of us actually, if we break it down and go back to being far more simple, it’s actually easier than you think to be able to raise kids in a way that we can nourish them, we can nurture them, we can care for them.

It is not as hard as you think to remove those things from the home. That often cause our families damage, and sometimes we overcomplicate it in terms of nutrition, in terms of household toxins. People think that it’s hard. It’s actually a matter of getting simpler and kind of doing less at times and not making it.

So difficult that we have to activate nuts. Sometimes it’s a matter of just putting those nuts out, for example, and whacking them on with some apple. It doesn’t have to be hard, and I also think that what actually is hard is habit change, and I think that for a lot of us out there, Kids are, let’s face it, same shit, different day.

It’s life on repeat. And so what I love about this is once you get a new habit going, whether it be the breakfast cereal that you do, or the breakfast routine, or your lunchbox packing, or the household products that you have on repeat in your shopping list. Once those healthy habits actually become that habit, it isn’t hard.

And so I guess with today, what I really wanna do is get all the research and experience that you’ve had in this industry. Get your really practical and best tips of how we can just reduce toxins in our kids’ life, boost nutrients through health. So let’s start with that. Like let’s say from, from a reducing toxins and NAS per.

What are the biggest areas that we can improve on in that everyday life that we lead with our kids? I think this is a really good question for a couple of reasons, and I think when you look at the overall health of a human being, whether it be a child, Or an adult. We are not just what we eat, but we are what we absorb, and that means food.

So that covers the nutrients in foods and trying to eat foods that have been minimally processed. And it also means just using really simple things in the home that don’t contribute to the toxic load on our families. So it’s just a matter of, I think, education. And now I’ve never met a mom in my. Work that doesn’t wanna do better for their kids.

And actually, once they have the knowledge and they understand the information, and that means turning over products and learning about what ingredients mean once they know that they actually wanna do better. And most of us are doing the best that we can with the information that we know. So in our business, we do a lot of education for moms and teaching them to become empowered by actually learning themselves to turn over their cleaning.

And have a look what’s on the back or turning over the packet of chips that they’re buying for their child and going, Actually, I wanna buy my kid a packet of chips. But this is a much better one than this one because I understand what the ingredients mean in either one. So what are some of the common products that you think that we need to get rid of out of the house?

I mentioned the sunscreen. An example before, Full disclosure here. I know you guys sell sunscreen. You’ve created your own sunscreen. This is not a paid episode. So I know with sunscreen you’re gonna say, Choose our sunscreen. But that is a big one, right? I won’t say choose our sunscreen. I mean, I’ll say choose any sunscreen that has full ingredient disclosure.

And we do. But there are few brands. We are in the minority because the law in Australia,  in terms of sunscreen, that we are not legally required to list ingredients in full. So we don’t actually know what we are putting onto the skin of our kids, and we are only required by law in sunscreen to disclose the active constituent and the preservative, which means brands can put in a whole lot of nasties that we actually don’t know what’s going on to our family.

So whether you choose our sunscreen or another sunscreen, the question to. The most important question to ask is, do you offer full ingredient disclosure and do I understand what those ingredients are? And if you can check those two boxes there, that’s the sunscreen to choose. Any of our listeners wanna delve into sunscreen more?

I did do a full episode on choosing the right sunscreen for your kids with a doctor who goes into really great detail about all the different types of topical and chemical absorbers. So that’s an interesting one. Talk to me about wheat bits and Vegemite. I wrote a blog on Veggie Mark once, and I’ve never had so much trolling in my life.

I’m happy to talk about it. And the reason is, is because we don’t want to actually look at the truth about what’s in ingredients because it’s not convenient. Most of us want to live a convenient life, but the reality is, is when you’ve got MSG and other ingredients within products and MSG is a, an additive that is often added to foods that actually interferes with our.

Appetite regulatory center and their taste buds. So it leaves our kids often very uns, satiated and wanting more. We don’t actually go, Hey, we are actually feeling full right now. And then parents wonder why their kids don’t eat enough fruit and veggies because we actually interfere. With their taste buds in the most important years of their lives, when their taste buds are actually learning to develop flavor.

So what happens is when you give your kids broccoli after giving them veggie mite, they go, This tastes like crap. I only can taste things like Vegemite on toast. So I. Let’s not demonize any foods because actually anything is okay. If you are going to just be mindful that maybe if you’re giving your kids veggie light on toast every day, it might be worth swapping it out on certain days and trying to do a bowl of porridge.

What’s your best practice breakfast with your kids? What do you do in the morning or what would you recommend that people do in the morning that is, you know, ticking the box of busy budget conscious. Well, there is no better food really in the mornings cost effective, and that you can actually make in a variety of different ways than oats.

I love oats. You can do so much with oats. You can do choose your own adventure cereals where you get your child to go and make up whatever they wanna put in with those oats. Do they want a few sultanas? Do they want some coconut? You can make up anything you like. You can make porridge in 10 different ways.

On our website, we’ve got a choose your own adventure. I think 15 different ways to make porridge. So you can’t say, I don’t like porridge. You’ve gotta try all 15 before you get to say that. Okay. And what about Vegemite Instead of Vegemite? If mums are like, I have literally just give my kids a Vegemite sandwich or veggie on toast every day.

what else would you do instead? Yeah, for breakfast, I mean, you can do very, very simple things like you can make up three ingredient pancakes, so at least trying to get some, If kids wanna eat hot foods in the morning, and sometimes kids are temperature sensitive, so they don’t wanna eat cold cereal, they like to eat warming foods.

You can make pancakes up with eggs with a little bit of flour and a. That can actually make great little pikelets in the morning and then you’re saving time because you make double the batch and you put half in the lunchbox. So there are ways to go back to whole food eating that gets away from toast and veggie mite.

So you can do that, you know, on alternate days. In the house. Are there any other big toxicity areas that you would be like, Look, easy swap outs here. Let’s just get rid of this and replace it with that. Anything else in that daily life? The big thing for me, I think is cleaning products, cuz they do a lot of, again, similar to what we were talking about with sunscreen, very often with cleaning products, they don’t list ingredients in full or they don’t list ingredients at all.

So you can go and buy a cleaning. And there are zero ingredients listed on that product. So we literally don’t know what we’re absorbing into our homes. And most cleaning products have a really high percentage of synthetic fragrance. And what we know now is that’s. Synthetic fragrance actually interferes with our endocrine system, our hormone regulatory center.

It interferes with our kids’ neurotransmitter function. When they’re breathing, it interferes with their moods. So we’ve gotta be really mindful with synthetic fragrance and with FOLs, the thing that makes synthetic fragrance stick to the skin. So when we in our hand soaps,  and you still smell hand sos when we are putting in our bubble bath.

And you go, Mm, that’s new baby smell. My baby smells so lovely. Well, what is making a new baby smell? What? What is actually the chemicals that are going into that product that are making a baby smell like that? Let me tell you, new baby smell by itself. An actual smell of a new baby. Take that any time over a new baby smell, which is the most used synthetic fragrance in kids’ product.

Isn’t that interesting? Is it actually called like new baby smell? Is there like a category lavender and you know, peppermint, new baby smell ? Yes, there is. And when we go, when we go to our manufacturers and we say, You know what, What is selling really well at the moment they say it’s the products with new baby smell.

Because people love for their babies to smell. We’ve all got it mixed up. Smell your baby. Yep. . Your baby’s fine. Your baby’s fine as it is and it’s beautiful. We don’t you, it’s like when you go and get Ocean Breeze. I’m sorry. It doesn’t smell like an actual ocean breeze. So the thing that I struggle with, like I get the natural spray and wipes where you know you’ve got the vinegar and I know you’ve got some great home remedies for that.

And I’ve seen a lot of kind of natural products out there. And same with the soaps where it lists all the no NAS is in it. The thing I struggle with is the washing detergent for the kids’ clothes because my kids are absolute grubs and I need my product to work and I want nice white sheets. So I’m really torn between like the hardcore that’s gonna get the nappy sand that’s gonna get everything out versus the other.

What are your thoughts? . I think this is a really good point because actually so many natural products don’t work. Let’s be honest. Yeah. So we buy them and we go, Man, this just doesn’t work. Oh, no. And I mean, we created our range for completely selfish reasons that we couldn’t find anything within one range that worked.

We’re about to put out our cleaning range now. Oh, you are? Chris. I looked on your website and I was hoping you were gonna have washing deter. We do. We’re a few weeks away from that, but we’ve been testing that for a year. And I tell you, most of our testing we’ve gone, No, you can still smell my kid’s socks.

This is not on. Yeah, . It doesn’t work. So it’s really a hard blind when you’re making products too. To keep the ingredients really great, but to make it powerful and effective, to keep it organic, it’s hard. It’s the holy. Is there any products out on the market currently that you find work really well or, And actually for anyone listening, I’d love you to DM me or DM both of us and let us know if you found a natural product that works across anything.

I’m particularly interested in laundry, but I’ll collate all that together as well. I think the reason we’re doing our cleaning range is we’ve never been able to find anything in one range that. So you can have maybe an okay laundry liquid, but you’ve got a horrible dish washing liquid. You’ve got a really good floor cleaner, but you don’t have a very good bathroom cleaner.

I don’t wanna be too biased about our own range, but I think it’s going to be the best on the market and in terms of ingredients, in terms of it being truly organic and you know, I think it’s a very tricky one. Laundry deter. So I will be very excited for you to try ours and see how it measures up. Well, maybe we could do a little giveaway even, maybe we could put a little pack together and I can put it out to my followers and my audience and we can get our audience trying it.

I think we should make that happen. Absolutely. Yeah. Love to do that. Why don’t we put out, um, washing liquids for, We’ve got two of them and they just smell incredible and I would love to do a giveaway and get some honest feedback about how they. Love it. We’ll make that happen.

All right. I wanna move on to boosting our kids’ immunity the natural way. So let’s start, First of all, I wanna break it into two categories. I wanna break it into preventing illness and then what to do at the onset of mild. So like coughs and sore throats and things like that. So let’s start about preventative immune boosting measures that you like.

Okay, so I’ll go, uh, and answer this in two ways. The best thing we can do for our kids immunity is minimize stress. That’s my first. No, no, seriously, Because actually our kids are incredibly over-functioning most of the time. And when stress levels get, that is the number one thing over food that can impact immunity.

So a very simple thing if we move away from stress is to teach our kids to chew our food, to chew food. Very often we rush. Eating process because we are racing out the door to get to school. Our kids don’t chew. Digestion starts in the mouth through mastication, through actually chewing and teaching our kids to chew their food 30 times before swallowing can be the biggest.

Thing for improving digestive function, and we are not in the habit of doing that ourselves because we ate on the run as we’re walking out the door. But just that simple thing of actually allowing a little bit more time to eat breakfast, to slow down. Food can be a profound way to improve overall wellbeing, stress, and immune function.

The second thing is foods, of course, lowering our refined sugar and carbohydrate intake. So processed foods, of course, we know it’s everywhere. It’s been linked to lowering our white blood cell production. So the best thing we can do is just to increase more whole foods in the. Fruits, veggies, powerful foods that help our kids.

Garlic, I mean, garlic is like the most universal natural antibiotic antiviral. It’s an incredible super food that is so underrated. Say we’ve been cooking, the recipe says one or two garlic cloves. I mean, if you’re going into cold and flu season or the kids are going back to school after a break, double that triple that.

It’s just so easy to crush some garlic and spread it through. And this is where our food is, our medicine. I mean, garlic is just an incredible natural antiviral. And the trick is, is to add it really late to cooking because we don’t wanna actually add it too early. So if you’re doing a stir fry, add it in just two minutes before the end.

If you are cooking some rice, Add some very finely chopped up garlic right at the end. Um, we wanna keep it as, as raw and as un hated as possible. Oh, that’s a good hat because a lot of people throw the garlic and onion in at the same time at the onset of cooking. Citrus is another great one, isn’t it? It is.

Citrus and pumpkin seeds, again, you know, really easy to just. Make sure that lunch boxes are filled with mandarin oranges, squeezing lemon. Some kids have a real aversion to lemon. My kids seem to be okay with it. Making it in teas as well. Absolutely, and the, We’ve got a recipe on our website that you can make cough drops.

So beautiful little sweet jellies. And you can make these jellies really out of lemon honey and gelatin, and that is the most brilliant little protein hit in the morning. But it’s also a brilliant thing for the gut. It’s a brilliant thing for immune function. So there’s so many ways to get these powerful foods.

Into our kids. You touched on honey a second ago. What about honey as an immune booster and also how to choose the right honey? So honey can be a brilliant immune booster or it can be just a pure sugar type food. So the trick is to understand how to choose a good quality honey. So with honey, there is a lot of different grading.

So when you go and look at your honey, it’s either been heavily, heavily processed where it has less therapeutic activity within the honey, or it’s been minimally processed with high therapeutic activity. The higher the therapeutic activity in the honey, the better it is for our immune system. So how you know is you have a look at a jar of honey and it will have a number on.

The higher the number on the honey, the higher the constituents within the honey that actually act in a way for wound healing for sore throats. So really you wanna choose a honey that has a minimum grading of around eight plus it can go up to 60 plus, but we wanna choose at least a honey with eight plus grading to make it actually therapeutic for our kids.

And is this regular honey or are you talking about Manuka? Cuz I know we’ve got Manuka honey. A lot of it comes from New Zealand. It’s ridiculously expensive. , but it’s really good for you. That grading, is that just on pure Australian honey as well? It can be. Most honey in Australia is heavily processed and there are very few Australian honeys.

We get most honey imported from China, so it can say packed in Australia, but it’s actually all very, very cheap Chinese honey. I hate that. Packed in Australia from, you know, 90% foreign ingredients. It’s overseas ingredients. It’s really disapp. And this is in oats as well. So a lot of oats come from places like Finland and even Poland.

So we really need to be looking at Australian harvested ingredients. But with the honey, you can have gradings on Australian honey and New Zealand. Honey, I always prefer to buy Australian where possible in any area. Local, if you can buy local. I know in my area there’s so many amazing local beekeepers that have little boxes outside.

Sell honey. I love it. And you know, if you go onto, you know, Facebook community groups, find community groups in your area, you’ll be so surprised how many people have bees out the back, back garden, and they often produce too much honey. So I’ve got a little local person here and every time that their bees overproduced.

They literally put honey out the front and we go and buy a big thing of it for $10. I don’t know what the grading is, but I can tell you it will be a higher grading than anything in the supermarket. So sometimes it’s just finding local community members and connecting to be able to find great ingredients.

Same with lemons off the tree. Don’t buy them from the shop. Find someone with a lemon tree. The friend your elementary. Let’s continue on our strain of immune boosters. So we went through some preventative measures and, sorry, I just wanna throw in one that my doctor once said to me that just hit home. I said, What’s the one thing I can do?

And she said, You know what you need to do, Get your kids to wash their hands more and wash them thoroughly. And of course, since Covid, we’re all across that. But I just do wanna remind everyone cuz it was a real shift for me to, before every meal, kids go and wash your hands. Sing Happy birthday to germ.

While you wash your hands, you know, get into the knuckles, get into all the creases. So I’ll throw that one in there just as a reminder. But I would, I would say just adding to that, it really depends on the hand soap that you’ve got. Because very often our hand soaps are actually one of the most toxic things that we actually have in our houses.

So hand soap, plain soap, and water. Brilliant fragrance, synthetic hand soap. The ones that often moss up often not brilliant. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Plain soap and water. Fantastic. Okay, love it. Onset of illness, your kid wakes up with a, a blocked nose or a sore throat. Any tips for us? I would be using very, very simple foods and often clear foods and drink so clear teas.

Making a tea for them, because very often we really want our kids to eat when they’re sick bodies and immune function is actually in full swing when our kids start to get sick. So really what we wanna be doing is getting fluids into them over increasing their need for digestive energy because all of their energy is going on fighting the viral load.

So we really need to be doing things like really simple soups. Broths. Yeah, broths are great. My kids, for example, have taken them a long time. They’re fussy. I tell you, people think I don’t have fussy kids. That’s why I do what I do is because my kids are so damn fussy. You got 11 year old twins, don’t you?

Oh my gosh. The fussiness, honestly, so they, with soup, they only started with, With what? Like in carrots. So we went, okay, we are gonna make carrots. We literally put carrots and water, a little bit of salt, and then we made little cheese dippers to put in the, That’s how I got them to start soup. Then I added some ginger in.

Then we added anything else that was orange that I could hide in. So some sweet potatoes, some pumpkin, until that soup kind of broadens out. So if your child likes one veggies, Start with doing a soup in that way. So soups are great when they’re not well. Coconut water is often a really great thing when they just need to be hydrated.

So yeah, I would suggest teas, I’d suggest anything that’s clear, anything that’s easy to digest and citrus is also great. Even cutting up an orange is fantastic. Any way we can get extra vitamin C, sometimes it’s really hard to get them to eat things like pumpkin seeds when they’re sick, because we wanna get lots of zinc into them.

But you know, just clear. Simple foods. I love it. Now what about just hacks for getting more veggies into our kids? You gave that example then of what you can throw into a soup, and particularly, I’m glad to hear you have fussy kids as well. How do you get more veggies into your kids? Well, there’s some really great ways to get veggies into kids, and I would say the number one, To get more veggies into your kids is stop asking your kids to eat veggies.

Okay, that’s an epic fail from me . We are getting to the point where we are handing our kids to eat veggies and it’s actually turning our kids off eating veggies. So the number one thing we can do is eat more veggies ourselves. And actually become the model that this is just part of what we do in this house.

Another great thing is to, I don’t know about your kids, but my kids seem to always become the most hungry five minutes before dinner’s ready. Oh yeah. That four till six is a really tricky time. They come home starving, but if you overfeed them in the afternoon, you know, stop and get an ice cream, grab a smoothie, big cheese on toast, then they’re not gonna eat much dinner.

It’s a really tricky time. Yeah. And just right before dinner, they’re start. 10 minutes before it’s ready and they’re like, Give us no, no. Making them wait is really important. But if that happens, what I do is I have a big finger salad on the table. So I will cut up some carrots and some cucumbers, maybe some raw corn.

Just leaving that, and I find that if they come and and kind of pick, if I have stuff out, they’ll actually end up eating that quite effortlessly. Before they get to the main meal. And that way it’s actually perfect for digestion because they’re eating their raw foods before the other foods. So that’s actually the correct method for digestion.

So sometimes just doing that, leaving foods out, it’s also removing things from your house that interfere with your kids taste buds. We mentioned MSG earlier, but you know, if you want your kids to eat more veggies, try and remove MSG from their diet. It makes such a massive difference. What are the top foods that might be in our cupboards today that have lots of MSG in them?

Barbecue shapes, Pringles and chips. Okay. There’s 101 reasons why we should probably be minimizing those. And also if your hungry kid comes home from school and there’s a couple of sad carrots in the fridge and some snow peas and a big box of barbecue shape. It’s a no brainer for your kid, right? But if you, if they’re not available in the house and you’ve got a plate of veggies and maybe some yummy bits and pieces in there as well, a little bit of cheese and some seaweed or whatever else out there, they’re gonna be much more inclined to go to that.

And do you know, what I find with my kids is that, Anything tastes better when it’s cut up. Just go to the fruit bowl and get an apple. No, no want an apple. You cut up an apple in slices and suddenly it’s gone. I don’t know why that is. And a food always tastes better if someone else prepares it for us. So cutting up carrots, cucumbers, anything like that, leaving that on the table makes a big difference.

Yeah. Great. And so those chips, they’re the main MSG common foods that we’d find in our cupboard. Yeah, Anything highly processed in terms of even, you know, lunchbox foods. The tip to look out for is things like the less snacks and they have high msg. And actually a lot of the queezy yogurts also contain msg.

So if your kids really like something to crunch on there. Brilliant snacks in the supermarket that don’t have msg. Brown rice crackers. My kids love the brown rice crackers, popcorn popcorn’s fantastic. You know, popcorn is brilliant cause we’re trying to move away from refined vegetable oils and seed oils.

And sometimes some popcorns can be cooked in those, but then there’s some that are now cooked in coconut oil or in olive oil as well. Cold press, olive oil. Get your kids to make their own popcorn. My kids have been making their own popcorn since they were five years old. You use an air popper? No, we don’t.

In a source man. On the stovetop? Yeah, because I’m a really big believer in actually getting kids in the kitchen and getting them working with hot flame. And actually the biggest gift we can give our kids is to teach them safe cooking. So getting really safe knives that they can cut up their own things.

My kids most days come home and make themselves a big thing of popcorn and they make it with popcorn kernels. They put a spoon of coconut oil in it. It’s literally turning on a thing. And they’ve been doing since they were. It’s just that, that I’ve prioritized in teaching them being able to make their own snacks safely.

Then they will come and they’ll put some sea salt on it, a little bit of nutritional yeast. Sometimes they put half a teaspoon of coconut sugar. What else? They, a little bit of cinnamon, and it’s just this great, yummy, delicious snack that they can do themselves. Mm. I love that idea of giving your children the gift of cooking, taking that extra time on days that you have the time to do that.

And teaching our kids savory cooking too. I think it’s as important as skill, as maths or science or reading. I mean, our kids are going to be around food. With food, making food for the rest of their lives. And when I go to schools or when I go and teach kids, most kids struggle to know what basic fruits and vegetables are.

And one of the reasons is we don’t teach our kids savory cooking. And this is such a gift for them. We’re losing our grandmother’s recipes. And so I had the goal for myself that I wanted my kids to cook a full savory meal by the time they were 10, and they both cook once a week. Now what do they like to cook?

There’s no judgment. They can cook whatever they like. Sometimes they cook bacon and eggs for dinner,

and that’s ok. I’m no judgment. No judgment. I’m, I’m like, if they’re cooking something savory for themselves, I’m all for it. The other night one of them cooked just a pot of rice and that was it, and we just, You know, I’m thinking what my kids would choose and it would be pasta. I’m pretty sure it would be pasta.

Fantastic. One last question for a mom who’s listening to all of this, feeling overwhelmed and a little bit guilty and not quite sure where to begin, what is one thing out of what we’ve chatted today that you would like to see her action that is manageable? Makes the biggest difference. Batch cooking. So this is the thing.

There should be no guilt with this stuff because we are all doing the best we can. You are the exact mom that your kids need, and as you learn more, you do the best you can. So, so no guilt. Wherever we are in our journey, guilt is just a, a wasted emotion. But I think cooking from scratch might seem really hard, but if you are gonna make some sausage, Make three times the amount.

It is so easy at the time if you are gonna go to the effort to make it once, 3, 4, 5 times the amount and put it in the freezer. That way we are just having to wash up once and yet we’ve got five meals. Sometimes we don’t work far enough. In advance, and it can be almost the same amount of work for five meals as opposed to one.

If you are making a pasta source, quadruple the batch and put three lots in the freezer, and you’ve got a brilliant pasta source made from scratch with no preservatives in it. You’ve done the same amount of dishes and yet you have so much more food. So I think batch cooking is, is a game changer for busy moms.

Absolutely. Love it. Such amazing tips today. Thank you so much for your time and keep entertaining us into training us, educating us. Love your work. Thank you so much for having me. It’s been lovely to chat.


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