4 Steps to help your children live an aligned happy and authentic life

Oct 25, 2022 | Parenting

Want to know the 4 steps to help your children live an aligned happy and authentic life from the beginning?

From a young age we are influenced in what we think and do. We are told what is right and

wrong, what we should believe and how we should act. Our parents, grandparents,

communities, friends and teachers all tell us how to behave and what we should value.

Imagine if, as a child, you were able to understand your core values and utilise those values

to live an aligned, happy and authentic life from the beginning.

Domonique Bertolucci, best-selling author of books such as ‘The Happiness Code’ and ‘100

Days Happier,’ says that our values are the DNA of our souls and that our values hold deep

insight into who we are as people. As adults we have an idea as to who we are and what

drives us, but our little people need a helping hand. So with the help of Domonique we have

put together our top 4 steps to instil core values in your child.


This first step can be a little challenging. Sitting back and letting our children take the

reins isn’t easy. But giving your children the space to work out who they are and

what they value most is important. Do you have a little risk taker, a leader or an

introverted creative? What strengths do your children display most often? Talk

about their strengths and what makes them feel good.


Set intentions for yourself to help your children explore their core values. Then

meet each intention with a set of goals. Taking action builds confidence and this will

help both yourself and your child in working towards those goals. If your child is

displaying behaviour that indicates they enjoy and value their opinion being heard,

how can you help them find their position in your family so that they feel they’re

being listened to? But have their independent voice heard in a family friendly way?

If this is difficult and values clash, how can you diffuse conflict through

communication and language?


You can help guide your children towards their goals and intentions without fear of

failure and the ability to pivot by giving them regular words of affirmation. If your

little ones are struggling with an aspect of their goal, help them reframe the

experience. For example, if they are too shy to approach new kids at kindergarten

but you know they value friendship and kindness how can you frame an affirmation

to help build their confidence, something like “I am brave in making new friends” or

“I show kindness to my new friends.” Print out affirmations and include them in your

daily routine.


If we improve a little each day, we’re heading in the right direction. This applies to

both our children and us as parents. They can improve at working on their core

values and continuing to do so and pivot as they grow. Inevitably their core values

may change with the different stages in their lives. We as parents can also improve

by 10% at how we help frame and reframe these values. We may all joke that our

headstrong, independent and difficult toddlers will one day lead their peers, but the

truth is they probably will! If they’re displaying these personality traits and core

values at a young age and consistently, it is our job to help them build and nurture

these skills, just a little bit at a time. Encourage and praise your children not just for

their performance but their display of core values too.

Helping our children to identify and feel comfortable with their core values and embody

them at a young age means that we allow our children to forge their own path. There will

always be influence from the people around them, but the values at our very core are our


We hope these steps will help you with your children’s journey to living an aligned happy and authentic life.

If you would like to hear more from Domonique Bertolucci head to the podcast here or you

can download a number of her free resources here.

4 Steps to help your children live an aligned happy and authentic life


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