Hottest Fitness Trends for 2015

Jan 19, 2015 | fitness

If you’re someone who gets bored with their exercise regimen every second week, you’d be happy to know that this year is about to get a whole lot more exciting for this industry. American College of Sports Medicine did an extensive study on what fitness trends may or may not be popular in 2015, so it’s only fair to brief you on it too.

Here are some things you can look forward to doing more of in the new year. Happy training!


Skipping gives you a full body workout and works on your cardiovascular health, yet it’s also great for muscle toning, co-ordination and balance. Have you seen my skipping variation workout video? Press play and buy a rope – because this year, skipping will be a big player.


If excuses and busy schedule take up all gym time this year, then this trend is totally up your alley. Log on because online live and non-live training is going to be huge in 2015. You’ll have someone accountable to, which is a big factor if you struggle with exercise sincerity. It will allow you to tune into sessions with the best in the business that would otherwise be out of geographical or financial reasons. You can ask Q&As, get live feedback, see how fellow members of the community are progressing, all making your workouts a whole lot more interesting and effective. Here’s something to start with — check out 12WBT.


Short, high intensity training has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years – with the introduction of HIIT-style workouts – and it will continue to grow in 2015. However, what will change is instead of you doing two HIIT-style training a week, you’ll now be doing 4-5 of them per week. So more intensity, more often, and lesser time out on the fields.


They are the future, so we better have a fit future at least. No surprise there. Physical education and sports in school will be getting a serious boost this year, due to the scare that kids are starting to lead a sedentary lifestyle these days. It’s becoming easier for them to play on an iPad, than go out for a swim. This is opening a whole new market for kids fitness – be it kids yoga or weekend boot camp sessions. Watch out for this one – it’s an exciting one!


Bodyweight training requires no fancy, expensive equipment, and is merely done using your own body weight. The ACSM’s worldwide survey of fitness trends for 2015 has listed squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees and planks as the number one exercises for 2015. But just because no machines, dumbbells or weights are required does not mean it’s easy. Things will have to get much more intense and it’ll get people almost zero reasons to make excuses. Do it at the gym, your hotel room, living area or the secret room in the office where no one goes — a full-body workout is on-the-go with you.


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