Fetish Bootcamp in Australia

Jul 29, 2014 | fitness

When normal bootcamp training becomes a yawn, there comes a new trend in the fitness industry that won’t just get your attention but will trigger your fancy.

Fetish bootcamp is now a thing in Australia and it’s been getting some serious interest from regular bootcampers.

Based in Woolloomooloo, Dominatrix Mistress Anna has brought together her two professions as a dominatrix and a personal trainer to create a Bootcamp that focuses not only on improving your fitness but has a ‘twist of kink’.

Who is she? 

A strikingly tall woman with Maori and Chinese heritage, Anna has travelled and worked extensively throughout the world as a nurse’s aid, nannying, Camp America, instructing and on board a ship in beauty. For the past 10 years, however, she has been in the adult industry, starting out as a receptionist in an escorting agency before becoming an escort herself. But it was only 5 years ago that she became a professional dominatrix, and three years later, when The Rose Centre opened its doors to this unique blend of two careers.

What is the Rose Centre?

A “kink-centric facility offering a total health experience where body, mind and spirit are nurtured in an accepting atmosphere supportive of the needs of the kink or BDSM community”. Aside from kink workshops, waxing and deep tissue massage the Rose Centre holds the Forced Fitness Fetish Bootcamp (FFFB). Having been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and instructor, participating in half marathons, body building competitions and doing yoga 3 to 4 times per week it was a natural progression for Mistress Anna to develop this latest idea.

What happens inside a Fetish Bootcamp?

With a maximum of 4 clients it starts out like any normal bootcamp would with popular exercises such as a circuit format of push-ups, squats, plank and cardio machines such as a rower. This is probably where the similarities end.

Step in ‘kink’, where push-ups include kissing Mistress Anna’s feet, and smacking of bottoms with a paddle is involved if they are not being done properly. The dominatrix also uses a crop to get higher knees to the… err, more risqué type spots where men squat with weighted plates hanging from a certain part of their body. Ouch.

It seems no matter how bad or good you are, you will be punished…. just not with burpees!

What sort of results do the clients achieve?

Mistress Anna is passionate about her clients and helping them to achieve their goals. A questionnaire including medical history is completed prior to commencing one of the FFFB to ensure Mistress Anna knows her clients interests, goals and injuries. She aims for her clients to achieve weight loss, improve flexibility, increase motivation for exercise (tied in with their ‘kink’ interest) and improve confidence. It’s what all-personal trainers aim for right?

What next? 

Mistress Anna is focused on keeping the kink community fit. Anna is committed to expanding the Forced Fetish Fitness Bootcamp as well as educating people on how to “understand themselves”. This includes popular workshops ’50 shades of grey’.

If this tickles your fancy at all (pun unintended, visit the Rose Centre at http://asecretforanna.com for more information.

Would you try this fetish type of bootcamp? What do you think about its efficiency and success? 



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