Product Comparison Series Part 3: Milo Vs The Healthy Chef Naked Chocolat

May 19, 2015 | Eating Right

IMG_0684With so many brands now on the market, how do you decide which is best? At Amelia Phillips, we give you the low down on label reading and which drink is your best option.

In Part Three of our Product Comparison Series we compare Milo with The Healthy Chef Naked Chocolat.

The answer should always come back to real food. When making a choice from a packet or box, please choose the least number of ingredients as often as possible.

View the comparison chart here: MiloVsNakedChefChocolat:

The Winner:

Teresa Cutter’s Naked Chocolat is the winner! A fantastic natural and healthy hot chocolate. A serve of two teaspoons contains only two grams of sugar and by serving with unsweetened almond or coconut milk the entire serve can be extremely low in sugar. The addition of cinnamon is also fantastic for blood sugar control and mental acuity. The cost is an obvious conservation but at seventy cents per serve you have the option to make this an occasional drink.

Milo: The number of ingredients is unnecessary, especially the addition of sugar. Milo’s stance is that “over half the total sugars in a glass of MILO® and skim milk, are natural sugars from lactose in milk” but a real food approach is about nutrient density and not the use of processed dairy products and refined sugar. A product that is 46.4% sugar is not a healthy choice.



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