Fat Facts 4 of 5: Burning Fat vs Burning Sugar and Carbohydrates

Mar 26, 2009 | Eating Right

This video blog gives you four main tips to ensure you are burning as much fat as possible during your workout. Here I explain some of the common mistakes people make that turn an effective fat burning session into a sugar burning one. The four tips are simple to adopt and very effective.

Tip#1: Exercise on an empty stomach, before breakfast is the most effective time

Tip#2: Never drink sugar drinks before or during your workout

Tip#3: Aerobic activity over a longer term burns more fat than a short Anaerobic session

Tip#4: If you do partake in short anaerobic sprint style sessions, finish with 30mins long steady aerobic activity to make sure you still burn fat in that workout

I hope you enjoyed Fat Facts #4: Burning Fat Vs Burning Sugar and Carbohydrates, here are some other Video Blogs in this series:

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