Study: A Glass Of Wine May Be Equivalent To An Hour At The Gym

Sep 25, 2014 | Weight Loss

Sure, we’ve all heard that a glass of red wine with dinner is considered ‘healthy’, but some of us always had a little footnote of guilt with it.

Not anymore.

According to a study on the health benefits of red wine, your body could receive the same benefits from drinking wine as hitting the gym for an hour of moderate exercising.

Reserved strictly to red wine, the researchers at Canada’s University of Alberta found the magic ingredient to be “resveratol which is also found in nuts and grapes. This complex boosts the function of the heart, muscles and bones as much as a trip to the gym does”.

“Scientists tested the effectiveness of resveratol on rodents and will now be looking at its effects on diabetics next”.

Be careful not to overindulge though; the benefits only come from one single glass. Uno. Just one.

So next time you feel guilty about not being able to workout after a long day in the office, pour yourself a glass of vino tinto instead….

Am I convinced? Not particularly, but come talk to me on a Friday evening…



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