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Dec 29, 2022 | Latest Trends, Podcast

It’s been a big year for Heathy Her, doubling our listeners and going from strength to strength. I’ve interviewed some fascinating guests in the show this year and here are my top 10 episodes (in no particular order), enjoy!

1. How to live Younger Longer with Dr Norman Swan Perfect for those interested in longevity. I predict that the longevity movement will be one of the fastest growing categories in 2023!

2. How to build your self worth and body positivity Perfect for those who have lost confidence, self worth, have had trauma in their past, or who want to make peace with their changing body. My guest Vanessa Haldane talks about the childhood abuse she suffered and how she has healed and started a body positivity movement. 

3. How to juggle a massive career with kids with Janine Allis. Perfect if you’re thinking of launching a big work project, business or if you’re struggling with the guilt of being a working parent. Janine founded Boost Juice with young children in tow, it’s fascinating to hear how she managed it all. 

4. Identifying abusive relationships early with Jess Hill. This is a must listen for all of us, Jess helps us understand the early warning signs of coercive control (that can be very subtle at first). It may not be us, but it may be a friend, a sister, a daughter even… I was shocked at some of her stats and signals to look out for (like love bombing). 

5. Ask me anything. I had some great questions; combating negative self talk, the impact of genetics on weight, and how to eliminate excuses.  This was my last Ask Me Anything of 2022 and I loved these questions. My answer to the impact of genetics on weight might surprise you, such a fascinating topic.

6. The Quantified self movement, is it useful for me? Perfect if you’re interested in wearables, longevity and blood biomarkers. Phil Hayes St Clair discusses how we can use the data from our watches and blood biomarkers to improve health and longevity. Such a fascinating chat on how we can really take control of our health.

7. Vashti Whitfield: Moving through the grief of loss. A powerful discussion about how to manage grief in your life. Vashti tragically lost her husband with two young children in tow, and she very articulately explains how she was able to rebuild and reshape her life. She talks about honouring grief and how she has helped her children manage the loss of their Dad. A great listen for anyone who has experienced a big loss, or are helping kids through their own loss.

8. Helping your child through friendship fires. Great strategies from parenting educator Gen Muir on how to manage those times when our kids are struggling with friendships. We focus primarily on the primary school years, where kids are honing those social skills. We talk about bullying, how to coach your kids and when to step in. I really liked the practical nature of Gen’s suggestions, and her approach of ‘coaching’ rather than ‘managing.’

9. Being a gay Dad in a hetero world. Sean Szeps posts some of the most hilariously honest and accurate parenting videos on Insta, yet behind his quick wit and sharp mind is a lifetime of struggles, which only got harder when he and his husband decided to have kids. Sean was so open, generous with his story, and articulate in helping the rest of us understand the (often hidden) challenges LGBTQI+ parents face. Also, and what I really loved, was his advice on how to support LGBTQI+ parents and their kids in our community.

10. How to find motivation and joy (even when you’re exhausted) A great episode if you are looking for strategies to ignite some motivation and redefine your values. Dominique Bertolucci is a She’s a business strategist, mindset coach and and has spend the last 25 years coaching large businesses all over the world, and executive teams as well as everyday people. We discuss how to find purposeful clarity, a new version of goal setting that doesn’t set you up for failure, and value techniques to find your true north. Also check out the values exercise you can do in the show notes to identify your own personal values.


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