Behind the show: Dr Sophie Scamps and Dominique Bertolucci

Oct 20, 2022 | Podcast

In this new segment, host Amelia Phillips goes behind the scenes, giving an insight into each episode, what went well, what didn’t and helps us get to know the guests a little better. This week she dissects independent candidate Dr Sophie Scamps and mindset coach Dominique Bertolucci’s episode and airs some personal questions she asked each guest.

About the guest:

Dr. Sophie Scamps is the independent candidate for Sydney’s Mackellar electorate, with a focus on climate, economy, health and integrity.  She has been a doctor for 23 years, studied at Oxford Uni, qualified for the 1992 Olympics and held the 800m gold medal record in the world junior champs for 37 years. Prior to becoming a GP, Sophie served the community in the Emergency Department of Mona Vale Hospital, and she is also the founder of Our Blue Dot, a community-led NGO helping to reduce local impacts on the environment. Sophie, having recently turned 50, and her family live in Avalon, and have lived in the Mackellar electorate for 22 years. 

Sophie’s Insta

Find out more about Sophie and her campaign here

Domonique Bertolucci is the best-selling author of The Happiness Code and seven other books about happiness, what it is, how to get it and most importantly how to keep it. Her latest book is ‘You’ve Got This: 101 ways to boost your confidence, nurture your spirit and remind yourself that everything is going to be okay’. 

She’s a business strategist, mindset coach and and has spend the last 25 years coaching large businesses all over the world, and executive teams as well as everyday people. She hosts the audible original podcast The 7 Step Mindset Makeover, and runs online courses. Visit her website for many free resources

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Below is an unedited transcript of the podcast episode:

Welcome to another episode of Behind My Show, where I give you some background behind some of the recent episodes and also release some more of the personal questions that I ask my guests at the end. So whether you’ve listened to these e or not doesn’t really matter, but it’s a great opportunity to get to know my guests a little bit better, and me as well.

Before I start, I’d also love to encourage you to subscribe to my show so that you’ll get alerted each time a new episode drops. And the best way to connect with me is on Instagram over dm, or you can email me as well, Check out my show notes to connect. Now, this month has been an interesting one for recording.

Besides having an insane amount of rain, I had a Covid case in the house one Monday morning. Charlotte wasn’t even sick. I mean, she said she had a tiny bit of sniffles and she actually took it upon herself to do a rat test, and I just walked in. Monday morning, Tim had just come back from two weeks of being overseas and I walk in from my run and the rat test is on the table and I just walk past it and it had two red lines on it.

And my kids sometimes play practical jokes and draw the lines on there. And that’s what I thought. And my first thought was I’ll, you know, which naughty kid has done that? And then I realized that it was legit. We did a second test, which was negative. Interestingly enough, these are the nose swab tests.

And then the third one was positive again. So suddenly everything was upended. All six of us locked down for a week, and then two days later, my two boys lock in. Angus got that super cough that was going around and they were way sicker than Charlotte. I, I almost took Angus to hospital. He was wheezing so badly.

Charlotte virtually had no symptoms. She literally had a tiny bit of a sniffle or a block nose for a few days, and she had a little bit of a sore tummy for a few days, and that was it. But what happened when we went into lockdown was I could feel almost like a PTSD from last year’s lockdown. I could feel all those same anxiety and depressive symptoms coming back.

It. Amazing how quickly I kind of just reverted into that. How I coped is how I did last year, which straight away that morning I just said, Guys, I’m locking myself in the study and I’m gonna write a schedule for the week. This is my coping mechanism, kind of like a homeschooling schedule with the kids and lunch and who’s kind of on kid duty and then who’s locked in the office doing work.

And I put that together. And then I do find homeschooling. In that first part of the week anyway, there’s something cathartic about it. Cause then I don’t feel an anxiety that my kids are missing out. But I have to say that by about Thursday we just tapped out. We just went from, you know, we’ve got this, we’re gonna make this a productive week to pretty much in my pajamas all day and a lot of copious amounts of screen time.

Whereas last time I tried to push through and I got really kind of stressed and upset. Whereas this time I was a bit kinder. So that definitely. Anyway, we’re through the other side and we have had a few days of sunshine, so I’m feeling a little bit more like my normal self. We’ve had some great interviews this month.

Dominique Berta Luci. I have been following her for years. She’s a life coach, a happiness expert, and she’s had a really interesting life. She’s lived in Australia, She’s Aussie, but she’s also lived and worked in Luxembourg in the uk. She travels around quite a lot working with corporates now. After years of high powered corporate work, she actually then shifted into coaching.

She’s also a bestselling author of The Happiness Code and seven other books about happiness. Her latest book is called, You’ve Got This 101 Ways to Boost Your Confidence, Nurture Your Spirit, and Remind Yourself that everything is going to be Okay. And I really wanted to talk to her about trying to find that motivation again when you know you’ve just had such a rough time and you don’t even feel motivated to get motivat.

These days, she’s running a coaching and training company where she teaches online courses, she leads workshops, she speaks at events. And what I love about her methods is they are very results driven. She’s also got a wonderful range of free resources on her website plus her online courses as well, such as mindset mantras.

And I’ve pasted one of these in my show notes relating to working out what your personal values. What I really wanted to get out of this episode was how to recharge and remotivate after a challenging few years. So I was asking questions such as, you know, how can you coach someone to work out where they want to be, or even have that clarity?

What was interesting was we ended up spending a lot of time discussing how to work out your true values, and I was worried that listeners might think that this is kind of a waste of time telling people how to suck eggs. You know, we all know kind of what our values are, but as she explained, it’s not as easy to do, but totally essential in understanding what our true north is, and it’s very hard to make any big decisions without really clearly outlining what those top values.

Everything that feels right and aligns with us and works will undoubtedly be married to those values. So at least if you are feeling out of whack or uneasy, often you can find that disconnect where the project that you’re working on or what you’re working is there’s that disconnect between your values.

It’s a great listen and if you’re finding it hard to get motivated and to set goals and kind of find your true purpose  after a crazy few years. Here’s a fast few that I asked Dominique after our interview.

What was the last meal you ate? Uh, tacos family. Uh, homemade or at a restaurant? Oh, yeah, yeah. Homemade. Yeah. We put all the bits out and everybody makes their own. And, uh, the kids think eating salad is fun if you shove it into a taco. Yeah. Perfect. What about a TV series that you’re into at the moment?

I’ve been watching Manifest on Netflix. It’s incredibly addictive. It’s absolute nonsense. Mine candy, but very addictive . You’re the second person in two days that told me about manifest. I think I need to manifest some manifest . It’s absolute nonsense, but it’s a lot of fun. What about a book that you’ve loved Dissolve by Nick Gemmel.

Okay. Took my breath away. Fiction or non-fiction memoir. Oh, I love memoirs. Yeah, it’s just like, ugh. What’s on repeat on your music playlist? Uh, so my daughter and I have created our morning mood playlist and we listen to it every morning to get her in the right mood on the way to school. And we have.

Beyonces, I was here Warriors, uh, which was one of the ads for the Wonder Woman film. How old is your daughter? Uh, she’s 14. See us sings titanium, and then, uh, Hugh Jackman from now on and it kind of gets us in this mood for our day. Oh, I love that. What about exercise? What do you do for exercise? Um, my favorite thing for exercise is to walk on the.

Oh, how nice. Is that barefoot or in shoes? Barefoot on the, Not on the soft, soft sand, but on the soft dish sand. So it’s an effort. But you can still get your feet wet a bit too. Love it. And what about for fun? What do you do for fun? Well, I’m half Italian, so my favorite way to have fun is just to have people over and have a lovely meal and a few drinks, and good conversation.

Oh, can I come next time? ? Definitely open invitation. Lovely. Thank you.

As I record this, our federal election is, Im. And you will no doubt have heard of this rise in the independent movement. You may have even had a great independent candidate in your electorate. Look it up. In my electorate, Dr. Sophie Stomps has stepped up and is pegged to be the next alte. And my background is not in politics whatsoever, but I have been really fascinated by this rise in female can.

Beyond just the politics. What also fascinates me is why a woman with a perfectly comfortable life, a loving family, fulfilling career, would add so much more pressure and drama in her life by throwing her hat in the ring. So our chat with Sophie talks not just about this rise in independence, but also we discuss what it’s like as a woman and a mother to step massively out of our comfort zone and go for something really big and daunt.

It’s a really great listen, even if you’re not into politics, but you’re thinking of going for a bigger goal and she kind of breaks down how she copes with it, the pressure of it, and the justification also along with the impacts on her family. Here’s also a quick chat that we had after the show.

Dr. Sophie. Last meal that you ate? Oh, Tea and Toast with Apricot Jam,  Yu, What about a TV series that you’re into at the moment, anyone that knows me knows that I love Midsummer Murders and have always . And there’s a new, there’s a new series out at the moment, so very excited. Oh. Excited that you actually have time to watch a series, which is great.

I show that that I do. But yeah, it’s probably your wind down moment. I’m into Handmaid’s Tale at the moment and I, I laugh at my husband and say, I’m going downstairs to watch a dystopian, horrible horror show to relax for Monday Day. I know exactly, but you do the socks or something, you give yourself an excuse, you follow the sock.

Yeah, exactly. A book that you’ve loved? I absolutely love historical novels. So, um, Geraldine Brooks, she wrote Year of Wonders and Year of the Book, and both are incredible. Give you an insight into what it was like in a different time to live, really bring it to life. Where and when was it set? So a Year of Wonders was set, um, probably in the 16th century.

Yeah. Okay. With the Bubonic Plague in England. Yeah. Oh, wow. What happened at a small, a small village quarantine themselves? You know, there’s all this religious, you know, overtones to it and persecution of people, you know, Cause they don’t know what’s causing it. Yeah. So, um, how that all plays out. It’s fascinating.

Yeah. Yeah. There’s a medical twist to it as well. Yeah. So that keeps me entertained. And yeah, Hannah Kent is the other amazing Australian author who wrote Burial rights and, oh, I can’t remember the name of the other one, but incredible historical novels as well. Brilliant. What’s on repeat on your music playlist?

Oh, at the moment it’s the Reubens. Oh, they’re, they’re a, um, Northern Beaches band. Are they? No, I don’t know that they’re Northern beaches, man. Oh, I’m thinking of the lions. Yeah. I’m thinking of the Lions who are in Triple J’s. Hottest one. Yeah. And Lyme Cordell are up here as well. And also Ocean Alley.

They’re all here. They’re, it’s, it’s like a melting pot of Yeah. Music at the moment. It’s great. Okay. I’ll look at the rubrics. What do you like to do for exercise? Well, I still like to jog with a friend and I took up surfing with friends as well during lockdown, and that is just the best exercise ever.

Very lucky to have the beaches nearby. Ah, nice. And what about for fun? What do you do for fun? Uh, surfing is so much fun and even though I’m hopeless at it, but also just hanging out with the family. Relaxing. Just love it. That’s my downtime. Yeah. Aw, beautiful. Thank you, Sophie. Thanks Nelia. Thanks for your time.


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