Secret Ingredients of Happiness

Jul 2, 2013 | Motivation, Parenting

Just when you need a kick of positivity in your life, a new study, like this one, pops up to lift your spirits.

Melbourne’s Deakin University conducted a survey with 29 Australian, over 12 years, to determine what truly makes them happy. A decade and a bit later, they found out that “a loving partner, up to $100,000 of household income and a social activity that offers a sense of purpose in life” is the “golden triangle of happiness“.

To attain this level of happiness, it didn’t matter where you lived, whether you worked in the corporate industry or hospitality or if you had a family. If you were within the parameters of this “golden triangle”, you would be considered happy.

Professor Robert Cummins, who is the country’s leading happiness expert at the university’s School of Psychology, has also gone to saying that life really does get better with age.

“Happiness tends to rise beyond the age of 55 or 60. I’m not quite sure whether it’s because the kids have left home or they’re thinking about leaving their dreadful job,” he told, where you can read the full post.

Foods To Make You Happy

However, keeping the “golden triangle” aside, other studies have shown there are foods we can consume that will release serotonin, a happy hormone that controls our moods and emotions. This hormone is produced when foods packed with L-typtophan (an amino acid) and certain vitamins are consumed.

Want to know what to eat to help sustain that smile – permanently? Here are my top five foods: 

  • Spinach – Popeye was on to something – this leafy green contains phenylethylamine which can reduce monoaxime oxidase and its magnesium content can help boost energy levels. Sautee a bunch in coconut oil, and have a side dish with your serve of protein. 
  • Avocado – Another green superstar, this creamy goodness is packed with serotonin, a feel-good neurotransmitter. Smear half an avo on toast, top with salt, pepper and lemon – a truly Aussie delight! 
  • Greek Yoghurt – Don’t know about you, but eating a small tub of all natural yoghurt, topped with fresh berries, really boosts my mood. It could be due to its probiotic-rich texture and flavour. 
  • Honey – Raw honey contains quercetin and kaempferol that helps reduce inflammation and helps steer clear of free radicals. Drizzle on your fruit salad, morning porridge, smoothies or use as a dressing for pork belly. 
  • Eggs – Don’t get egg whites if you want to be happy post-breaky! The yolk contains L-tryptophan, which is known to boost those happy hormones. Egg yolks also contain choline which is required to keep the mind sane and let it think happy thoughts. 

What food do you like to consume when you’re feeling a little low? 



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