9.5 Healthy Habits of Successful People

Mar 19, 2018 | Business, Motivation

Ever wondered why some people get ahead in this world and others don’t? Pot luck? Hard work? Or maybe just small winning habits, that over time add up to success.

A recent study was conducted by Chobani Australia comparing the habits of 800 high achievers versus non-high achievers. They analysed their personalities, social habits, attitude towards their health, and the trends of their workspace.

The Results

Some incredibly fascinating numbers came out of this study:

  • Sleep and Nutrition: Over 65% of the high achievers agreed that the two most important things to do any given workday were to get at least seven hours sleep and to eat nutritious meals.
  • Efficiency: 81% of the female high achievers were particularly efficient and organised, compared to 29% of female non-high achievers.
  • Their motivation: Among the high achievers, 81% were most determined to succeed knowing they would have financial security, followed by 77% who just wanted happiness. For the non-high achievers, it was happiness that ranked first (70%), family well-being second and financial security the last (only 58% felt motivated by it).
  • Spiritual mantra: Every 3 out of 4 high achieving Australians in the study believed in the ‘a healthy body equals a healthy mind’ motto.
  • Working culture: 54% of high achievers checked their emails overnight and 48% of them worked from home at least once a week. However, 85% of these still took out at least once a week to spend time with their family and friends.
  • Morning Glory: 67% of high achievers woke up before 6.30am compared to 59% of non-high achievers.

It’s so easy to blame a busy lifestyle, a hectic work schedule and an unhealthy social life for everything going wrong in our lives. But when you know there are people out there, doing things right, there really is no space for excuses.

Here’s your personal checklist of how you can be successful and healthy – all at once.

How To Adopt These Habits

1. Sleep 7+ hours

Make a strict bedtime rule of clocking off at 9:30 or 10pm. Switch off every screen that’s around you (otherwise its LED light will tell your brain to stay awake) and read a book instead for 30minutes before you drift off. Trust me, it makes getting up early sooo much easier!

2. Eat Well

Pick two healthy, quick, easy breakfasts and alternate them Monday – Friday (eg porridge with blueberries one day, eggs on toast another day). Know the correct portion size, total calories, and simply repeat. Do the same with your daily snacks.  For dinners, make each week night a specific theme night, so Monday can be fish night, Tuesdays are for stir-fries, and so on.  Removing the choice, removes unnecessary temptation.

3. Exercise 

Schedule workouts as meetings or do them first thing in your day – the easier they are to get to, the more you’re likely to do them. But keep them challenging, and worth the effort! Plan the week in advanced. Not just WHEN you train, but WHAT you will be doing.

4. Become a Schedule Sleuth

Newsflash: Google Calendar rocks! You can invite people to your events, share your meetings, set up reminders, and basically have your entire life organised right before you (and on multiple devices). I live by my Google Calendar, and trust me; it really helps me stay organised.

5. Efficiency Wins

Audit your schedule; literally write it down. Where can you kill two birds with one stone (jog to work, have a walking meeting)? Where can you tick off multiple items in one foul swoop? Be clever and learn how to streamline your schedule.

6. Manage your stress

How? Meditation rocks, but remember meditation can be very active. Running is a form of meditation. Basically any activity that is repetitive and blocks out day-to-day thoughts will focus and calm the mind (such as, meditation, running, yoga, praying, knitting, watching TV)? Take some time out and do one or these things every day.

7. Find purpose in your work

Set work goals, be it weekly, monthly or yearly, and find the higher meaning in what it is that you’re doing. Know what you want to achieve, so when you do get there, you’ll know it’s time for a reward.

8. Get Excited

What is it that gets your heart pumping, or at least makes you smile? If life’s a bit mundane plan some fun stuff. Surprise a friend with something. Do some charity work, plan a big cook up with friends. Get adventurous, and add some joire de vivre into your life!

9. Never Stop Learning

Never ever. You don’t need to enroll in a course or do another degree to ‘learn’. There’s so much at the tips of our fingers for us to access; find your favourite personal development blog/website, such as TEDtalks, LifeHack.com, Freakonomics radio, any field that interests you.

9.5. Become a Moreaholic not Workaholic

Moreaholic is the new Workaholic! It’s no longer cool to work crazy hours (was it ever!), instead people want MORE out of life. More quality time with friends and family. MORE fulfillment at work. MORE work life balance. MORE health. MORE energy.  So get busy using the other nine habits to make it happen. And this is a perfect thing to do towards the end of the year, so get started!


Disclaimer: Chobani Australia have sent me samples of their Greek Yoghurt, but all views and opinions in this article are my very own. This is not a sponsored post.




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