5 Things Happy People Do Differently

Jul 21, 2014 | Motivation, Parenting

They say happiness comes from money, but such superficial wealth has a deadline that doesn’t hang around for too long. If you really look at people around you who are the happiest – truly from inside – they do things differently. They have a different mindset, and this is what they do differently to others.

  1. They hangout with people who are positive and uplifting: Misery loves company and the more time you spend with unhappy people, the more upset you’ll be about life. Stay around fun, positive and inspiring people that will spend their contagious energy and make you happier.
  2. They let stuff go: Happy people don’t hold on to grudges or resentments, as they know when to let go and stop thinking about things that pull them down. They focus on things that they cannot change, instead they concentrate on what they can control and what is in their hands.
  3. They don’t compare themselves to others: Comparison is the foremost way to get depressed about your present life and career goals. The minute you see your high school classmate do better and bigger things on some form of social media, you start to judge your life and the chain of comparisons has no end. Be happier, not by comparing but analysing how far you’ve come from where you started and how much you’ve learnt along the way.
  4. They are passionate: Not just about themselves, but about life, their ideas and everything else that comes along their way. They take risks and trust their gut for every decision made. Happy people do what they love and do it with all their heart.
  5. They express gratitude: Expressing gratitude for all the good things that happen in your life is the secret to all happiness. Happy people are thankful to what comes their way and what doesn’t. Research also suggests that the character strength of gratitude is a fairly strong correlate with life satisfaction; explains everything, doesn’t it?

How happy are you?



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