Tough Mudder Comes To Australia

May 14, 2012 | fitness

It’s the latest fitness trend to hit Australian shores, also dubbed as probably the ‘toughest event on the planet’ and it is capable of making marathon training look easy!

Tough Mudder challenge is where it’s at, and if you haven’t already acquainted yourself to this international fitness phenomenon, then prepare yourself for the information that’s about to launch at you. I’m doing it, are you brave enough to join me!?!

What is Tough Mudder?


Tough Mudder is 18-20 km race challenge, designed over a series of military-style obstacles involving fire, icy-cold water, muddy trenches and 10,000 volts of electricity. Designed by British Special Forces troops, Tough Mudder aims to test your all-round strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie.

Created by Will Dean as a business idea for a student project at Harvard Business School, Tough Mudder has now become a regular global event running successfully in 32 countries with 400,000 participants.I wouldn’t call this a race, and by no means is it comparable to a marathon, in fact, Tough Mudder creators tag marathon to be ‘boring’. Big call, isn’t it?

The gist of this event is to follow the ‘Tough Mudder pledge’ with blind faith and determination. The aforementioned pledge being that one should know how to work in a team and have tough mental ability to overcome all physical obstacles. When you have to complete challenges as a part of a team, you cannot be adamant about reaching your personal goals. There are no medals for finishing first or under a certain time limit, but there sure is a complimentary beer at the end of the challenge for getting through 27 grueling obstacles.


Who is Tough Mudder for?

  • If you can have a good laugh after rolling yourself in the mud and swinging from ropes, then this fitness challenge is for you. You will need a good sense of humour when you have to belly-crawl your way through a muddy path under a barbed wire.
  • Tough Mudder requires a stronger mind than body. Yes, you need to have the physically strength to get through the strenuous challenges, but having the mental power is even more so vital. This fitness challenge isn’t like running for 42km at a stretch; Tough Mudder demands dedication and perseverance.
  • This challenge cannot be completed without trust and companionship. Socialising is essential, while working with a group of friends is a pre-requisite for Tough Mudder.
  • There is an array of variety in this challenge, which opens options for people who like a diverse workout regime. Expect lots of strength training, cardio and circuit-type workouts. But also remember, Tough Mudder tilts towards army-style training, so monotony is out of the question.
  • Despite its hardcore reputation, Tough Mudder is open for women to participate as well. The average age of competitors is 29, with majority being men (76 per cent is the average per race), but women are strongly urged to participate in the event.

How to Train For Tough Mudder

Crossfit: I suggest you start going to Crossfit classes. They will teach you how to use ropes, swing on bars, crawl, climb, jump, and basically get you the fittest and strongest you’ve ever been!

Running: You also need to be fit. Super fit. So running needs to make up a large part of your regime. Factor in some soft sand or shallow water running so you can get used to running under different terrain.

Team Activities: This is a team event so grab your mates and start training together. Learn how to support and motivate each other.

Practice: Run: Find a local obstacle course to do a practice run. Here’s the Tough Bloke Challenge:

Tough Mudder in Australia

Chief executive Will Dean said, “Internationally, there’s a perception that Australians consider themselves to be a nation of athletic and resilient men and women… we’re expecting up to 10,000 Aussies to put their money where their mouth is by signing up to the event”.

Melbourne already experienced this endurance test at the start of April, with more than 15,000 participants successfully completing 27 obstacles over the span of two days in Phillip Island.

And now, it’s Sydney’s turn on September 22-23, 2012.

The Sydney Tough Mudder, will be a 19km course in Glenworth Valley, with 28 obstacles including challenges like Funky Monkey, Mud Mile and Electroshock Therapy.

Are you ready for it? I am; I’m in a team of four, so watch out!

Register here.

Follow this link to download the official Tough Mudder training pack. It has all the details you need to start training for the challenge. – The Tough Mudder Workout




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