The Happiest Place In The World Is…

Feb 1, 2015 | fitness, Motivation

How happy are you in the country you live in? Is it too hot, too cold, too busy or too boring?

Well, this new map revealing the happiest countries to live in has just been released and it might make you want to migrate elsewhere.

The findings show that the happiest place to live in the world is… Costa Rica! Vietnam is in the second place and Colombia is in third place.

The data was compiled as part of the Happy Planet Index (HPI), as a global measure of sustainable wellbeing. It measures human progress in terms of what matters to us and the extent to which each country delivers long, happy and sustainable lives for the people who live there. And to calculate the Happy Planet Index, researchers multiplied the statistics for wellbeing by life expectancy and then divided this figure by the country’s ecological footprint.

If you’re reading this while sitting in Australia, I’m sorry to inform you that this continent ranks at #76, while UK is placed as the 41st country for happiness and wellbeing. Meanwhile the USA ranked as the 105th happiest country, and our neighbours, New Zealand is at #28.

Who wants to move now?

Here are the top ten happy countries across the globe:

1) Costa Rica
2) Vietnam
3) Colombia
4) Belize
5) El Salvador
6) Jamaica
7) Panama
8) Nicaragua
9) Venezuela
10) Guatemala

See the rest of the list here.




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