Spring Clean and Burn Calories While Doing It

Oct 1, 2014 | fitness

Didn’t make it to the gym? Worry not, your house is now your working out space and you’re about to break some serious sweat while toning every part of your body.

Spring is that time of the year when it’s not just our wardrobes that ask for a shift in fabrics and textures, but also the house, the pantry and basically every corner of the house is craving a dust off.

What if I told you that you could clean the house and call it a workout? Indeed, below are tips on how you can tone your lower torso and change the bed sheets all the same time.

Cleaning Task: Windows and mirror wipe down

Where You’ll Feel The Burn: Chest, arms, core, butt and calves

Take the window cleaner, some paper towels and stand with feet shoulder-width apart about an arm’s length from a mirror or window, and start spraying. When you wipe the mirror or window, ensure to engage abs and squat, wherever necessary. Keep the body weight in heels and knees. Hold the squat position as you clean the mirror, making 8 large clockwise circles with right hand, pressing firmly and keeping shoulders square. When done with one part of the mirror, switch arms and repeat, making counterclockwise circles with left hand. You should feel this in the calve muscles, arms and core.

Cleaning Task: Vacuum

Where You’ll Feel The Burn: Butt, thighs, calves and abs

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart behind vacuum, step forward with right foot into a lunge, and start ‘hoovering’. As you move vacuum back and forth, pulse up 4 times, keeping weight on right foot. Switch legs and repeat as you move to vacuum the next section. Continuing until the entire house is spotless clean.

Cleaning Task: Mopping the floor

Where You’ll Feel The Burn: Core, thighs and butt

Stand with feet about shoulder-width apart, holding a mop with both hands. Keep the weight on your heels and engage abs as you extend arms to mop back and forth. Plie wherever necessary and add pulses if you want to make it more challenging. Press firmly down on the ground with the mop to create a greater resistance and give the floor a better scrub.

Cleaning Task: Laundry

Where You’ll Feel The Burn: Shoulders, triceps, back, core, butt

When the clothes are washed, stand with your feet hip-width apart and squat down to get all the clothes out of the machine and into the basket. Stay there for 10 extra pulses. When putting the clothes out on the line, clench your butt muscles 10 times, take a 15 second break and do it again. While the load is washing, give your arms a tone-up by grabbing hold of the detergent box and using it as dumbbells – do tricep extension (10 each arm x 3) and bicep curls (10 each arm x 3); keep the core engaged the entire time.

Want to make this more fun? Create a ‘spring cleaning’ playlist of your favourite songs on Spotify and blast it on a Saturday afternoon!

Happy spring, everyone.

What’s your favourite spring workout activity?  




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