Product Review: NURU Exercise Cards

Mar 26, 2009 | fitness

Do you travel with work? Maybe you don’t have a gym membership right now, or maybe you just want some different exercise ideas. Nuru exercise cards might be just what you need. I was asked to review them and I agreed on the proviso my findings would be honest and unbiased.

What are NURU exercise anywhere cards?

They are a deck of cards on a metal ring containing strength and cardio exercises requiring little to no equipment. It is broken up into sections:
Basics: Programming, routine breakdowns, glossary
Strength exercises: Chest, back, lower body, shoulders, arms, abs
Cardio Lab: Skipping, total body movements that can all be done indoors

The pros

The price! at $10 that’s great value It’s small enough to fit in your hand so you could take it running and perform the exercises in the park/beach etc
The exercises are simple, with some good variations such as hand positioning and grips
The exercises are explained well with clear illustrations
The exercises are designed for most experience levels although beginners, super advanced, and injured exercisers may not find it as useful
You don’t need equipment, just a towel, 2 water bottles (for dumbbells) and a skipping rope.

The Cons

There are not enough exercises to make it a long term program. There are 2-3 exercises per body part, which one would quickly become used to
Some exercises are not that effective. For example the towel rows for the upper back are a bit silly, and there are plenty of other exercises that could have been substituted for example arm raises up wall for middle and lower traps (see below picture. Squats are optional)

Nuru cards would be ideal for the moderate exerciser who travels a bit and needs some ideas for exercising outside their gym. At $10 per deck it’s great value and a handy tool to have in your gym bag. I give it the thumbs up!

Order your NURU Exercise Cards here. Note:shipping costs outside the USA may apply



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