Peeing In The Pool Is More Harmful Than You Think

Mar 31, 2014 | fitness

To pee or not to pee in a swimming pool, that’s the question on everybody’s mind.

Besides the fact that how disgusting the said action is, for children or adults, there’s no denying in the fact that a lot of us think it, leave aside do it.

But thanks to this new piece of research published in American Chemical Society’s journal Environmental Science & Technology, taking an innocent leak in the pool may be harmful to your health.

The study looked at how chlorine interacts with uric acid and chlorine to form potentially harmful substances which may lead to severe health problems. When chlorine is added to swimming pools to kill disease-causing microbes and prevent swimmers from getting sick, it tends to react with swear and urine and make other harmful substances.

Two such compounds, including trichloramine (NCl3) and cyanogen chloride (CNCl), are frequently found in swimming pools. The first one is associated with lung problems, while the latter can also affect the lungs, as well as the heart and central nervous system.

Scientists are yet to identify all of the specific ingredients in sweat and urine that could cause these harmful compounds to form.

So kids and adults, please pee before entering the pool… for the sake of your health.



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