Morning Sun Can Lower BMI, New Study

Apr 15, 2014 | fitness

Morning exercise isn’t just good to speed up your metabolism and start the day right, but getting morning rays can help keep the kilos at bay, says new study.

A study conducted by North Western University found people who had most of their daily exposure to even moderately bright light in the morning had a significantly lower body mass index (BMI) than those who had most of their sunshine exposure later in the day.

However, the main factors to keep in mind are the length of the exposure and the time of day during which you clock hours of sunlight.

“The earlier this light exposure occurred during the day, the lower individuals’ body mass index,” said co-lead author Kathryn Reid, research associate professor of neurology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “The later the hour of moderately bright light exposure, the higher a person’s BMI.”

Reid then went on to say that “morning light lowers our BMI independently of how many calories we eat and how much exercise we get for the rest of the day”. The study also proved that the time we start our day directly affects our metabolic rate, and accounting for an impressive 20 percent of our BMI score (BMI is a ratio calculated from a person’s weight and height).

“If a person doesn’t get sufficient light at the appropriate time of day, it could de-synchronise your internal body clock, which is known to alter metabolism and can lead to weight gain,” Reid said. The exact mechanism of how light affects body fat requires further research, she noted, in this Huffington Post article.



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