How To Train When It’s Cold & Wet

Jul 24, 2013 | fitness, Motivation

Cold mornings come with fog, mist, icy-cold breeze and sometimes even rain. So what do you do? How do you get your body and mind out of the hibernation and lethargic mode and spring into wellness during cold and wet days? By heading outside!

As luring as hibernating under a doona with a bowl of soup during winter sounds, truth is, to stay positive and look after your wellbeing, you need to sweat it out. Plus, the latter might stop the winter weight gain too. Double win!

Let me explain…

My number one mantra is that you will get warm after the first five minutes of training. The excuse of ‘oh, it’s cold!’ is beyond my understanding, mainly because there are some great winter sportswear options out there that can assist you in being warm, comfortable and still have mobility. For example, I love this Lorna Jane Kudos Excel Zip Through jacket – it’s warm, yet not too heavy on the body.

Also, I have to mention this, you’re not going to pass out or freeze if you get a little sprinkle of water on your head or face. I understand when it’s spitting outside, the last thing you want to do is run in it. But if you’re the spiritual kind, think of all the stress and tension that’ll wash out. I call running in the rain, ‘a free therapy session’. And if you’re really worried about that hair, get one of these caps; I live in mine.

Here are top tips that’ll help combat the fog and get that spring-ready body:

  • Join a gym – OK, this is contradicting everything I’ve just talked about, but hey if the outdoors isn’t for you, don’t pause on getting fit just because you can’t handle the cold. Gyms are centrally heated and less busy during winter because majority of people just stops training all together. Don’t let that be you! 
  • Get a fitness buddy – find someone who is also as motivated and determined to get fit during this hibernation period and go to the gym or a fitness class together. If you have someone to be accountable to, you’ll be more diligent. Fact.
  • Join bootcamp or crossfit – These aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, I understand that, but if you’re up for an adventure and challenge, join a morning bootcamp team and see your body change within two weeks.
  • Set goals for spring and summer – When it’s cold and miserable outside, there’s no better incentive than knowing that summer isn’t too far away. To assist that, set goals to complete fun runs or marathons that are scheduled for spring and summer, such as Blackmores Sydney Marathon, Swisse The Colour Run, Tough Mudder, to name a few that are coming up.

If you’re motivated and ready to brave the cold and train outside for whatever is left of winter, then arm yourself with my five favourite accessories of the season:

  • Get some running gloves – they’ll keep your hands and fingers warm, which are often the cause of most outdoor running dilemmas. My favourites are these Lorna Jane ones. 
  • Invest in arm warmers – no, it’s not the ’80s again! These arm warmers are to be worn inside the jacket with direct contact to the skin. I love these because you don’t have to take your jumper off, it helps wicks off sweat and keeps you warm too. Get them here.
  • Get the new-age headbands with earphones – These have revolutionised outdoor running for me. When you go for long runs, the last thing you want is the worry of your hair strands and your earphones falling off your ear. It not only breaks the concentration but gets quite frustrating after a while. This is where these headbands come in – they’ll hold your hair and keep your headphones in place with its built-in feature.
  • Make lip balm your best friend – you won’t notice the chapped, flaky and dry lips until you return from your run and then curse yourself for not taking care of them. Get a moisturising lip conditioner or a papaw ointment and apply it religiously pre-training.

However, if I’ve still been unable to convince you, then these indoor training ideas are for you:

  • Get a workout DVD, move the coffee table to the side, put on your runners and sweat to the idiot box. I promise you’ll feel amazing. My favourite is Michelle Bridges Project Extreme (it’s a ripper!).
  • Enrolling in a group fitness session is another great indoor activity, also a popular one for winter fitness. I’m loving Suspension Cross Training (SXT) at the moment; it uses TRX-style machines and training.
  • If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, you’d know I love these ones. When at home on a Sunday, do one exercise you absolutely love, on the hour, every hour starting at midday till 6pm. Do 20 reps. Before you know it, it’ll be dinner time and you would have burnt a substancial numbe of calories.




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