Treadmill Program: The Best Treadmill Workout Ever

Jun 11, 2018 | fitness

Honestly, when was the last time you really upped your intensity on the treadmill? (and I’m not talking about 30 seconds at the end) Want to make your treadmill sessions less boring and far more effective? Follow these steps for the best treadmill workout ever:

  • 10 min warm-up on a cross trainer or rower
  • Set tready on manual program
  • Choose one of the workouts below, according to you fitness level
  • Finish with 10 minutes on the bike, Random program
  • Stretch

  • It’s 4 minutes running, 1 minute walking. The first 4 minutes is a speed interval, increasing 1km/hr each minute. The second 4 minutes is an incline interval where the speed stays the same but you increase the incline 2% per minute.
  • Repeat 2 times (totalling 20min). Note the speeds on the above chart are km per hour.
  • By the end of your 4th minute you should be at your maximum. Ask yourself “how much longer can I go at this pace?”, and if you answered +30sec then you need to up your speed next time.
  • If it’s too hard at first, that’s fine, just slow your speed and now you have a goal to aim for.
  • Never lower the inclines. If it’s too hard, go slower rather than less incline
  • Warning: Your fitness will increase rapidly, so starting speed should be increased every third workout.

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