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May 9, 2008 | fitness

A website that works really well. Here is a site that allows you to plot your exercise routes on a map. And it’s easy! Whether you are walking, running, cycling, horse riding, kayaking, or rollerblading, you can use this website to track your distance, gradient and loads more.

Follow these 3 simple tips to get the most out of this fab website:

Calculate the distance and elevation of any route
Go to to create a new run. Find your start point on the map and off you go, clicking key points on your route.
· Tip: Register yourself before you do this. That way you can set the data in metric and add your own touches like elevation, notes etc. It also means you will be able to save it. Doesn’t take long. You can also create a profile for yourself.
· Tip: When you are finished, change the map type to “hybrid view” for a spin out! You will be able to see a satellite image of your route.
· Tip: If you use a GPS enabled fitness watch, such as the Garmin 305 or the soon to be released Garmin 405 then you can download the maps to your watch!

Find other Routes in your area
Go to and key in the area you wish to run in. A number of publicly posted routes will appear for you to choose.
· Tip: This is particularly useful if you are travelling somewhere new. Pre-plan a route to follow and print the map out.

Record your workouts in their diary
Go to and you can record all your workouts as well as track progress, like body weight, hours of sleep, heart rate etc. You can then tabulate reports on your training.
· Tip: Click on “quick Add” to add your workout into your calendar. It will prompt you for more info such as distance, time, etc. This way you’ll have a great record of all your workouts!

**P.S thanks to readers Shelley and Lisa for telling me about the site!

Here is my fave running route at the moment. Check it out!



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