Fitness Fashion Trends: What I Love Right Now

Jun 14, 2012 | fitness

Truth be told, I am a sucker for trendy workout clothes. Despite my regular super sweaty and tomato face sessions, walking out of the gym in a vibrant jacket or singlet makes it all seem worthwhile.

Which is why, I want to introduce you to my current favourite Lorna Jane pieces. Yes, I am an ambassador for Lorna Jane, so you could say I’m biased. But the reason why I’m on board with LJ (besides the fact that she’s an absolutely AMAZING woman) is because I have always LOVED her clothes. Considering LJ produces over 100 new active wear designs per month, there’s always something fresh and new available. The main issue is to grab it before your size sells out!

People forget the importance of good workout gear – not only for function but also to help you get your mojo on during a session. Nothing beats an outfit that shows off your best assets, and matches your training style!
I love looking at different training disciplines and the clothes they wear. Gym bunnies will often be donning loads of colour, high buns with headbands, and seriously bright shoes. Runners love vizors, tights, vests and racer backs. Crossfit enthusiasts go for the junk yard/military look. Tight T’s, lots of black, grey and green.

A girl’s got to keep her style, even in the pool of sweat! So let’s meet my current favourite workout buddies.

Sienna Excel Zip Through Jacket

This lightweight, slim fit jacket is seriously the best jacket to run in. I love it because it keeps me warm without making me uncomfortably hot. The ruching of fabric over the shoulders creates an optical illusion of broad, well-built shoulders – always a plus.

Visual loving:

1) The zipping along the front makes the torso look longer.

2) It hugs the body in all the right places, making your upper body look lean and fit.

3) This watermelon colour is such a fresh and bright reminder of the warmer season.

4) Loads of zip pockets for ipods, keys, tissues and gloves (although you don’t need them because there’s a thumb hole in the sleeve)

5) Baby, it’s cold outside. If you train in the dark, then you better hide underneath the high collar of this jacket knowing that you wont be missed in this colour.

Practical loving:

1) The mesh panelling all along the side of the jacket and collar help absorb the sweat and allow the skin to breathe. This is very important, especially if you’re training outdoors in the cooler months of the year.

2) The thumbholes on the front of the jacket are little lifelines for the palms, especially if you train in the morning, like me. Nothing worse than being unable to feel your fingers.

3) Apart from the brightness acting as night-blinkers, the jacket also has a reflective silver logo. Better be safe!

4) Don’t tell Lorna, but I’ve thrown this jacket in the dryer, a couple of times, and lucky me, it has not crushed, shrunk or lost any colour. As good as new!

See Me ¾ Tights


Adhering to its name, these tights make me stand out when I’m in a sea of black-tight-wearers at the gym. The fluorescent design running along the side add a punch to what could have been boring black tights.

Visual loving:

1) Green is the colour of the season – from rich emerald to fresh mint – the fashion industry can’t get enough of this hue, and the fitness industry has jumped on board. I love how Lorna has injected it subtly into her collection.

2) The waistband, with an internal elastic drawstring, is a clever one. It comes with a double purpose: wear it high-waisted to hide the muffin top or flaunt that sexy waist by wearing it low, hipster length.

3) You could team this with a hoodie for winters and a green crop top for the summer month (a flat tummy is a must for this one – hold that plank!)

Practical loving:

1) There’s a hidden internal pocket at the back to tuck away the car keys and iPod.

2) The pattern on the side glows in the dark; perfect for early morning runs in the suburbs or the beach.

3) These tights are made from LJ Excel Compression Polyester fabric, that isn’t see-through. Thank goodness – us ‘front rowers’ can now do those dead lifts minus the guilt.

Amelia’ Fitness Fashion Tip

Don’t use fabric softener if your workout gear has any mesh panelling. That would prevent the fabric from absorbing sweat and clog the pores. Throw it in the machine with detergent only.

Check your local Lorna Jane stockists or buy these two pieces from here and here now.

What are some of your favourite workout clothes, that you can’t live without? Share links and photos with me.


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