Your Face Needs To Exercise Too

Sep 11, 2014 | fitness

Face doing push-ups and tricep dips, yes this is probably the most disturbing visual you’ve had today. But let it be known that facial exercise is now a thing in Japan. Is it the latest ‘time waster’ for 2014 or the newest, weirdest form of facial yoga? Let’s find out…

It’s a new Japanese product called the “Facial Fitness Pao” which claims to combat the ‘droopy’ effect caused by ageing. Apparently for just 30 seconds twice per day you can exercise your face to tighten the facial muscles to ‘restore’ and maintain your ‘youthful expressions’.

So, have the facial creams and beauty products been wrong all these years? Let’s check out the specs of this new product!

What is it?

The Facial Fitness Pao is a bar (looks like a set of wings) approximately 54cms in length that has a mouthpiece and 3 various balance weights to choose from at either end of the bar. The mouthpiece is waved shape for easy grip and designed specifically for the muscles around the lips.

How do you use it?

Simply place the mouthpiece into your mouth and then bob your head up and down to swing both ends of the bar.  It has a ‘unique’ training method that applies ‘load’ to the muscles around the mouth.

The website also recommends you have a mirror handy to watch yourself (now there is a selfie!)

The good

  • Supposedly, it targets 5 main facial muscles that pull up the corners of the mouth, raise the cheeks, create dimples and strengthen the muscles, which open and close the mouth – a cheaper alternative to surgery.
  • It comes with a handy travel bag so you can take it anywhere.
  • It only takes 1min per day for results.
  • Handsome footballer, Christiano Ronaldo promoted it – his gorgeous face means it must work, right?!

The bad

  • The studies of its effectiveness were on a small client base and seem to be limited to Japan so we are still waiting on scientific evidence to prove it works.
  • It will set you back around AU$200 which is not cheap if its not the product for you.
  • You will look hilarious! Laughing is a great exercise, anyway!


Shall we put this piece of equipment next to the 1980s thigh master or do you think it works?

Oh and this is not recommended for use when you have gum in your mouth.

What do you think? Who will try this? 


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