Book Review: Crunch Time by Michelle Bridges

Feb 15, 2009 | fitness

Are you looking for the next book to help you shed a few (or maybe a lot) of weight? Well I’ve found it!  Australian Trainer for The Biggest Loser, Michelle Bridges has just published her first book, Crunch Time. You thought Gillian was inspiring, wait until to experience ‘ the Michelle factor…

What’s it about?

Crunch time is about how one can lose weight fast and keep it off. It heavily emphasises the psychology behind weight loss whilst arming the reader with a plethora of weight loss tools, exercises and recipes. It is broken down into three main sections;

Get real

o  No more excuses
o  What you resist persists
o  Breaking old habits
o  You gotta have a plan, man!

Get moving

o  Body basics
o  Calories in, calories out
o  Debunking the myths
o  Enough talk, action!
o  Exercises that work
o  Workout program

Get cooking

o  Nutrition
o  Your kitchen makeover
o  A sample eating plan
o  Recipes
o  Eating out
o  Staying on track

The first section, get real, is where this book really steps into a new league. Get real explores the psychology of keeping weight off. Michelle explains “Taking weight off is a science, but keeping it off is a psychology.” She delves into topics such as excuses, what is holding you back, breaking old habits and planning for your future.  What brings this section to life is her stories from The Biggest Loser and the many psychological breakthroughs that occurred in the house. She then layers in questionnaires and tasks for the reader to help them understand their own psychological patterns. If reading this doesn’t shed some light on your thinking patterns then nothing will!

The second section, get moving is a pictorial register of all the best weight loss exercises.  But in true Michelle style there are extras such as De bunking the myths which many of us ashamedly believe! For example “Myth: Low intensity exercise burns more fat than high intensity exercise.” Rather than just bombarding you with exercises, Michelle heads this chapter up with even more mind shifting material.  Read two pages and I guarantee you will be itching in your seat to get up and move!

Okay, you’re passionately committed to becoming a leaner, fitter you…Now you are going to exercise. That’s right. You will be an exerciser forever. Not just until you fit into that dress…or until you look great so you can dump your boyfriend while looking hot. No. You are an exerciser. Period.”

The final section, Get cooking not only arms the reader with some delicious recipes but it also shows you how to give your kitchen a complete makeover. Michelle says“Your kitchen is ground control in the war against weight loss!”

There are two pages which outline exactly what should be in your fridge, pantry and freezer (It’s a great litmus test to compare with yours). There’s your shopping list done.  She even goes into detail about the utensils you use (non stick saves you using oil/butter). The sample meal plans give the reader a clear idea of exactly how much their daily intake looks like, and guess what, you might go hungry at first, but before long, your body will be thanking you by shedding that dangerous excess weight.

Who should read it?

Anyone wanting to lose weight, whether it be for the first time or attempt number 101. It is suitable for both men, women and teenagers. Fitness trainers would enjoy this book too due to it’s in depth look at the psychology behind weight loss.

Author’s writing style:

Michelle literally jumps out of the page into your head. It’s as though she is standing there with you speaking these words out loud. Her conversational writing style is straight to the point. No messing around, but there is an abundance of compassion and encouragement which makes you feel like she is on your side rather than a Nazi lecturing you.

What sets it apart from others?

Get Real: Definitely the first section Get Real is nothing like I have read before. It will resonate with anyone trying to lose weight.

Weight Loss should be fast: Her angle that weight loss should be fast bucks the general trend of steady weight loss. “Show me someone who put the weight back on because they lost it too quickly and I’ll show you five people who put the weight back on because they lost it too slowly.

Michelle being Michelle: Let’s face it, this woman is a freak! She has had so much success with contestants on The Biggest Loser along with a life devoted to spreading her message, who wouldn’t want some of Michelle’s zest for life to rub off on them.

Crunch Time is a must for any person trying to lose weight or any trainer trying to understand the psychology behind weight loss. You won’t find another book as motivating, straight to the point yet resourceful as Michelle’s masterpiece. I give it 10/10!

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