Benefits Of Boxing

Dec 23, 2014 | fitness, Weight Loss

If you are looking for a weight loss, toning, increased fitness and endurance ‘all in one package’, then boxing is the workout for you

Boxing classes have grown in popularity and is a regular form of training used by Personal Trainers because of the range of benefits it provides. There really isn’t any other form of exercise that covers off all the goals you are hoping to achieve or master a sport that you are playing.

Here are some top benefits of wrapping up, slipping on those gloves and looking tough:

Burn the Calories
Depending on your intensity you can burn up to 500 calories per half hour of boxing. When you punch you are exerting a force, which requires energy. The more energy we use in a training session, the more calories you will burn.

It’s a full body workout
Have you seen Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby? – She’s not rockin’ that body just with her arms? Nope, with good technique you are using your legs, butt, core, back, shoulders, chest and arms. Perfect for that full body sweat session.

It’s for everyone
Beginner or advanced, overweight or not – all boxing sessions can be adjusted for different levels. It’s a great option to running for someone who is quite overweight and not wanting to hit the pavement.

Increased cardio fitness
Boxing is high intensity and your heart is pumping, working overtime to get that blood around the body. A lot of boxing is done anaerobically (without oxygen) when you are doing high intensity, short bursts of work, which improves the efficiency of your oxygen use.

Feeling Stressed?
Boxing provides a suitable and appropriate environment for relieving that stress and anger. Because boxing challenges us mentally as well as physically, everything else you were thinking about before is put to the side. Had a tough day with the boss, other half? Relieve the tension by hitting out against a bag or an opponent with pads!

Speed, Power and Coordination
So, stand in the way of your opponent’s punch and you are going to feel it! We learn pretty quick smart to stay out of the way, duck, weave and when on the punching side we are working on our hand/eye coordination. Once you get more confident with the basic moves you start working on the delivery of your punches (speed) and the force (power). For this reason its used a lot for cross training in all types of sports from football to cricket and netball!

Time to get your box on!


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