6 Excuses Holding You Back From Losing Weight

Jul 18, 2009 | fitness, Motivation

Editors Note: This post is written by weight loss expert (and former couch potato) Meg McFarlane. Meg has experienced the weight loss journey first hand and has chronicled this in her blog, Spud On The Run.  She has a Bachelor of Science from Sydney University is currently working in IT.

We all know long before we do anything about it that we need to lose weight and get healthy.  However, we tell ourselves lots of excuses about why we can’t start eating right and lose weight.  If you are currently in this position and your excuses are preventing you from starting your healthy new life, here are the top five excuses and how you can overcome them.

1. I hate dieting

When you think about fad diets that only have you drinking liquid shakes or eating soup, no wonder everyone hates diets. You feel hungry all the time and just long for a decent meal.  However, diets or as I prefer to call them healthy eating plans don’t mean bland foods, going on a liquid diet or constantly being hungry.  By choosing low calorie versions of the foods you are now eating and eating more vegetables and lean proteins, you can lose weight without ever feeling hungry.

2. I don’t want to give up my favourite foods

Then don’t. Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you can never have your favourite foods like chocolate or ice cream ever again.  However, it does mean that you have to eat less of them.  Make your favourite foods a special treat that you only have once a week.  Now this doesn’t give you license to eat a whole family sized chocolate block or a tub of ice cream once a week, but there is nothing wrong with having a bowl of ice cream or a small chocolate bar to reward yourself for sticking to a healthy eating plan.  Besides, your favourite foods taste even better when you are not eating them every single day.

3. Eating healthy is expensive

There is a common misconception that healthy eating is expensive.  If you are buying fresh organic fruit and vegetables, then yes the cost can add up, however, you can eat healthy on a budget.  Frozen vegetables and fruits can be very cheap and they are just as good, if not better, then the fresh stuff.  Frozen vegetables are frozen just after picking them and often have more nutrients then the fresh variety and there is no wasting money by having them go off in the bottom of the fridge before you have a chance to eat them.  Also you can save money by buying your meat in bulk and freezing it in meal sized portions.

4. It is too hard going on a diet when you have kids

Having kids is not an excuse as to why you can’t eat right; instead they should be the reason why you start eating a healthy diet and start exercising. By providing healthy meals and setting an example to your kids about healthy eating, you can help prevent your kids from experiencing health problems when they get older and give them the gift of knowing the right amount of the right foods to eat for the rest of their lives.

5. Diets don’t work

Diets don’t work. I always put the weight straight back on. Does this familiar? You diet, you lose weight, you go back to eating normally and you put the weight straight back on plus some. This excuse is actually true – diets don’t work, but healthy eating plans for life do work.  Stop thinking about your new eating plan as a diet and think about it as eating for life. Therefore, you should never start a “diet” that you can not commit to for the rest of your life. Sound too hard? Choose a healthy eating plan that has a moderate amount of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats and learn as much as you can about portion sizes.  By eating the right amount of the right foods, you will lose weight and get healthy.

Do you know anyone that has started a diet, lost the weight, and stuck to it for a minimum of 2 years? Do you think they see it as a ‘diet’ I bet not!



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