Amelia’s Pick: Top 4 Butt Exercises

Dec 3, 2018 | fitness

From Jennifer Lopez to Beyonce, every woman wants a good, toned tooshie. In fact, research has shown that men prefer women to have a nice butt as opposed to sculpted abs, shoulders or arms.

To help you get that perfectly shaped butt, I have come up with four of my favourite and most effective butt exercises. These will tighten and sculpt the bottom like no other, and you are sure to feel the burn.
You can do these in your living room, local park or the gym.

The four exercises:
– Single Leg Squat
– Round the World
– Hip Raises from the Ground
– Clams

I want you to do 12x reps of each exercise and do the entire circuit 3 times.

Team these with cardio workout and do these three times a week.
Grab a mat, a chair and follow the video.



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