5 Great Video Games That Help You Lose Weight

Sep 7, 2009 | fitness

Editors Note: This post is written by blogger Mary Ward who writes about various health care career topics.

Many people attribute the onset of childhood obesity with too much video game playing. There is definite truth to that as kids have gone from playing outside all day long to sitting constantly in front of the screen and playing video games without taking a breather. There is however a new evolution of video games that are actually good for you and/or your children that can help you to burn calories and ultimately lose weight. Who would have thought it? Here we look at the top video games that can help you stay active, burn some calories, and ultimately shed the unwanted weight.

1. Wii Fit:

This is like a whole new movement and nobody wants to be left behind! The Wii Fit is the hottest new game in town and this is the most enjoyable way to burn some serious calories. The Wii was already a popular gaming system with interactive games that made parties fun and kept people jumping. With the addition of the Wii fit, individuals can create customized workout plans or enjoy some excellent plans. You can get some serious calorie burning in on this enjoyable game that makes sweating it out actually enjoyable!

2. GameRunner:

This is essentially a treadmill tied to the screen of a video game, but the fun and the calorie burning are far beyond expectations. You take on a character and move along throughout the game in a rather interactive manner that helps to burn some serious calories in the process. This has gained in popularity so that people of all ages and walks of life that enjoy a good work out and a fun video game can truly have it all.

3. Exer-Station:

This is a big life-sized joystick that allows you to enjoy a workout right in front of your video game monitor. You get a full body workout due to the resistance that this device provides, so once you strap in you can enjoy some music and get a fun little workout in without even feeling like you’re breaking a sweat. This is an excellent way to burn some calories and enjoy a fun video game in the process-fun for kids of all ages!

4. Dance Dance Revolution: (see above you tube clip)

If you’ve always been a fan of dance or just want to enjoy some dancing in the comfort of your own home without anybody observing or judging, then this is a great option. You can participate in any one of the fun and exhilarating programs within this video game and burn the calories while you laugh it up at your results. This is a lot of fun and great for groups or regular physical activity that doesn’t need to feel that way.

5. Tetris Weightlifting:

This is definitely kicking it back old school, but that doesn’t lessen the effect of this game. You can sit at the monitor and decide upon how much resistance you want to enjoy the utmost in weight lifting through a virtual video game experience. Not quite sure if this one is meant to be taken seriously!

Who says exercise can’t be fun?  Certainly not the creators-or users-of these 5 video games; with them, you and yours can be well on your way to fit without ever feeling like it’s a chore.

Mary Ward writes about various health care career topics, including how to choose among surgical technician courses.



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