The Truth Behind Modern Diet Trends

Nov 24, 2014 | Eating Right

Organic, no-sugar, no-grains, no-carbs… these words aren’t just saved up for the riches sitting in Hollywood hills anymore.

We hear about these diet trends on a daily basis, so much so that my local cafe has now started doing superfood green smoothie breakfast specials instead of a banana bread and coffee combo.

While I’m completely all up for this delicious change, the question is, how many of these food and diet trends really fit work or are necessary? Do we really need to eat organic and completely eliminate sugar from our diet?

Not really. Here’s why.

The thing with this no sugar trend is that, while it’s wise to eliminate all the bad sugar from your diet, it’s also important to keep eating fruits with the natural, glucose-sugar. This is for the very reason that the brain needs some amount of glucose to function, or you’ll find yourself staring into space in that next meeting at work; no one wants that!

Buying all organic groceries is trendy, expensive and a little bit unnecessary if you’re watching the food budget in your household. If you’re eating organic, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy. I suggest follow this dirty dozen and clean 15 chart below, issued by Environmental Working Group in the US.

How to consult it is, if you really want to buy organic produce, tick off everything in The Dirty Dozen list first, as those fruits and vegetables hold on to the pesticide spray more than others. Even if you continue to buy produce off The Clean 15 from your non-organic market, you won’t be causing too much harm to the body. Find out more about this in the video above, my segment from Mornings9. 


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