Should I see a Nutritionist?

Jun 25, 2015 | Eating Right

Steph lowe sideA Nutritionist is a tertiary qualified professional who specialises in the application of nutrition for health and wellness. In Australia there are no precise Government guidelines or legal requirements around the use of the term ‘Nutritionist’, so please check the individuals qualifications and level of experience prior to seeking their advice.

You should see a Nutritionist if you are:

  • Unusually fatigued, run down or constantly unwell;
  • Training for an event such as a half marathon, triathlon or ultra endurance race;
  • Suffering from digestive issues;
  • Gaining weight or stuck in a weight loss plateau;
  • Needing support making changes to your current nutrition;
  • Requiring clarity regarding nutrient density or information you have read in print or online.

What happens in your first consultation:

In your Initial Consultation, your Nutritionist will clarify your goals and ask you to identify the areas where you require guidance and support. A thorough case history including medications, will be taken and your current health status will be discussed. In order to gain a clear and concise picture of the current situation, your food diary and training schedule will be examined and you will be asked questions where applicable around factors including energy, digestion, sleep, performance and recovery. Female clients will be asked questions regarding their menstrual cycle and family planning strategies.

From there your Nutritionist will discuss the prioritisation of the changes required. This will be dependant on your goals and includes example such as meal structuring and nutrient density, food preparation, a new sports nutrition strategy and/or further testing requirements.

Your Nutritionist may request the following;

  • blood tests
  • salivary hormone tests
  • allergy testing and
  • DNA testing

A follow up consultation will then be booked for between a fortnight and a month and you will be given your list of goals to complete before then. Often you will be required to continue completing your food diary, so initial monitoring of the changes can take place. The ultimate goals is that you are supported through your health, wellness and performance goals. When you find the right person to assist you, you can achieve your goals in the most well rounded way, with the education and support you require.

Steph Lowe, the Natural Nutritionist

Steph Lowe is leading Australian Sports Nutritionist specialising in gluten free and refined sugar free food, fuelling and real food education. She says…

At The Natural Nutritionist, we offer a number of program options which allow our clients to be upgraded to the most appropriate level of education and support required. Our program options range from ‘Real Food Living’ for families to our ‘Elite Performance Program’ for endurance athletes. The programs include additional support and the required amount of time to support the clients’ nutrition, health and wellness goals. For more information about our program options and to become a client of The Natural Nutritionist please visit



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