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Jun 4, 2012 | Eating Right

Recently I have come across a new product in the market – Oxygen in a bottle!

Otherwise known as GO2. Now I don’t claim to know too much about it, but having trialed it for a few months, I’m intrigued.

As you read this, your body is utilizing energy to comprehend the words you’re reading.

But sometimes, it becomes difficult for our body to produce enough energy in a natural way. The reason for this varies from lack of sleep, late working hours, unhealthy diet, inconsistent exercise regime, too much alcohol (gottcha!) or over-exertion.

This is when we reach out to artificial energy that provide us stamina and strength to get through each day. But it just goes downhill from there.

How energy drinks work

The chemicals in these liquids trigger our hormone to stimulate the brain to tell the heart to pump more blood and bring more oxygen to convert those chemicals (often sugar) into energy. Here is when the body can’t determine its natural energy level or the stimulated kind, which can lead to all sorts of long term, stress related issues. Ultimately the better you are at processing oxygen, and the more oxygen you can get to your working cells the better.

This is where this new product called GO2 comes in. This all-natural, fast acting and long lasting oxygen tonic works in a very clever manner to give the body sustainable and organic energy.

What does GO2 do?

I love the concept behind this product which is basically oxygen in a bottle; their motto is simple – ‘GO2 doesn’t contain energy, it creates energy’.

GO2 provides a healthier alternative to increase the absorption of oxygen in your body. It is a nutritional liquid that contains a high concentration of oxygen, so in a way the oxygen is locked in a liquid as opposed to being readily available to us in gas form. The product claims to increase the absorption of oxygen into the bloodstream. Even better, it promises to do it in a similar way to how alcohol is absorbed.

When I used this product, my mindset was that I didn’t have to worry about any extra stimulation like caffeine or sugar in the product, as it’s an organic way to increase the energy in the body, containing none of those other nasties.

GO2 is essentially a product that’s targeted at the fitness industry, especially athletes and marathon runners, as it promotes their natural aerobic capacity to work more efficiently. However, I feel this product can be of great advantage for people who suffer from body fatigue or have long work hours. Rather than indulging in stimulants or energy drinks, add a few teaspoons of GO2 in your water bottle and see if it makes a different in your energy levels.

The questionable facts

While the liquid solution of GO2 promises efficient absorption of oxygen in the body, the efficiency of the oxygen spray is somewhat doubtful. Despite the concentrated amount of oxygen in liquid form, the face mist does make you wonder if a few spritz of the solution will be of the same benefit as an oxygen facial or mask.

Another factor that might draw you away from making this solution as a part of your lifestyle is its flavour. It’s not exactly fresh tasting, but has a strange after taste. You’ll need to get used to it.

If you’re already a fit and healthy person, stay away from artificial energy boosters and eat super healthy, then you might not notice a change in your energy levels after the consumption of GO2. Remember this product doesn’t promise an instant boost in energy, so give it time to see the difference.

The details

  • GO2 contains 100% natural ingredients: de-ionised water, a small amount of sea salt and oxygen. It’s actually very low in salt, so it doesn’t absorb any nutrients from the mixture.
  • You only need 10-15 ml at a time, as it can be added to your normal bottle of water. I’d recommend doing this while training, as that’s when you’re in need of natural energy.
  • The product is pH balanced to an alkaline state; very beneficial for the body.
  • GO2 is colourless, non-toxic, hypo allergenic, and completely safe to use as directed with no toxicity for humans or animals.
  • GO2 250ml: $30; GO2 1lt: $84; GO2 Oxygen Spray: $16.50.
  • You can even buy a lifestyle pack with various combinations. Visit their website for more information –

Note: I was not paid and am not associated with this brand, these are my personal opinions.


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