Kate Middleton’s Fertility Diet

Jun 6, 2013 | Eating Right

One in six couple are infertile in Australia, and nearly 50,000 of them turn to assisted reproduction technologies, in order to conceive a baby.

It’s brilliant that we live in a society with such clever technology, giving so many an opportunity fall pregnant. But this study (conducted by Access) does highlight that certain lifestyle choices may be impacting some women’s ability to bear children.

The link between lifestyle factors and fertility is a topic of much debate. Age, being underweight, overweight, smoker, drinker, hormonal imbalances are all factors that need to be addressed, assessed and amended to give women the best possible chances of falling pregnant.

I was astounded to read a 2006 UK study by Foresight that showed that natural fertility, one that uses non-artificial methods such as naturopathy, has a 78.4 per cent success rate among couples who could not conceive previously and has also been shown to increase the odds for couples undergoing IVF by 47.1 per cent.

Kate Middleton may be an example of this, because reports suggested that she was struggling to fall pregnant, post the royal wedding, because of her “insufficient lifestyle” choices and her slender physique. We may never know the truth, but the great news is she did fall pregnant and will no doubt have a healthy bub.

So how did she prepare her body for pregnancy? I discuss with Sonia and David on this Mornings9 segment.



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