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Sep 17, 2018 | Eating Right, Parenting

Sniff, Cough, Sniff, Sniff, Cough.

It’s that time of the year when every work place, school, shopping center and public transport has a version of sniffles going on.

Australian Medical Association [AMA] has predicted this flu season to be worse than before for the continent, especially after the epidemic that hit the United States of America late last year.

“We do tend to parallel the Northern Hemisphere in the South, so it’s a forewarning that we need to get in early and vaccinate this year,” said Dr Steve Hambleton, President of AMA.

Dr Hambleton said there would be an ample supply of the flu vaccine available in Australia from March onwards. The more vulnerable lot in the community: older people, Indigenous Australians, pregnant women and anyone with an underlying health problem, are urged to seriously consider getting the injection in the coming weeks. Contact your local GP for more info.

However, while you’re waiting to get the shot, you can take some preventative measures to stop the Influenza virus from getting to you.

In the video, I discuss some handy home remedies to get around the flu virus on the Mornings9 show with David and Sonia.



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