Eating Right for Your Body Type: Metabolic Types

Sep 8, 2015 | Eating Right

Have you ever noticed how some people can wake up and inhale sausages, eggs and bacon for breakfast and feel great, whilst a meal like that would make others feel tired and sleepy? Or when you eat that really healthy salad sandwich for lunch, but an hour later you are tired, sleepy and hungry? The fact is that everyone is different, so understanding and eating according to your metabolic type can have a massive effect on your energy levels and overall health.

Metabolic Types (MT). What are they? MT is based on a theory that people are either oxidative dominant or autonomic dominant which means that some people feel better on higher protein diets and others on higher carbs. Others need an even mix. Your individual MT greatly impacts how the body digests different foods.

How will MT affect you: Improved energy levels, effective weight loss, reduced bloating and improved sleeping patterns are just some of the results recorded after one month of eating right for your type. Another plus is that it can be adapted to fit in with other diets, or if you are not a “dieter” you can simply shift your protein and carbohydrate ratios to match your personal MT.

Take this great test to see what your MT type is. Some of the questions will challenge you and really make you think about how different foods make you feel.

Click here for the Metabolic Type test This is smaller example of the extensive test that can be bought, which gives you a pretty strong indication of which type you most likely are.



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