What Day Drinking Does To Your Body

Dec 20, 2014 | Eating Right

Are you day drinking this holiday season? Read these guidelines first so you don’t have holy hell hangovers and unnecessary migraines during the most festive time of the year.

Drink The Light Stuff
When you’re day drinking, it’s generally best to opt for the lighter stuff. Think beer, mimosas, wine with sparkling soda; but avoid the tequila shots and screwdrivers pre-sunset. It’s a given that the stronger the drinks you scull, the faster you’ll get wasted, and the ickier you’ll feel later.

Eat Up
If you’re meeting friends by the beach for brunch or have a big barbie planned, make sure you drink those mimosas with a side of a big brunch! When it’s hot during the day, you’ll get more intoxicated more quickly on less alcohol than usual. Luckily, brunch itself will help you out here; be sure to put lots of solid, alcohol-buffering food in your stomach; eggs, bacon, complex carbohydrates, and toast. If you’re at a picnic, don’t avoid the carbs and protein; try burgers, fish, potato salad. Indulge in gorgeous fresh-fruit summer salads too, but don’t use cucumber and watermelon as a substitute for drinking water.

Stay Hydrated
A white-wine spritzer doesn’t count! Do not mistake drinking anything alcoholic with hydrating yourself. Alcohol is a diuretic, so it actually propels your body to pee out much of the fluid you take in. If your body is lacking fluids because of all the alcohol you’ve been drinking, it can’t sweat enough to properly cool itself. And this can potentially lead to a sun stroke.

In the summer heat, you may also experience a condition called insensible water loss due to increased sweating. You don’t have to be exerting yourself with a game of beach volleyball to lose water that way, because you can lose a ton of water without realising it during the summer. Hence, it’s most important to stay hydrated and keep your electrolytes balanced in the heat, especially if you’re drinking when the sun is still up. Sip two glasses of water for every glass of alcohol you consume.



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