CSIRO Diet: Eat on a Budget

Jun 10, 2013 | Eating Right

We get bombarded with new diets, and new fads all the time (lemon detox anyone!). So when yet another diet book is published, I sigh and hope it’s got some substance.

What’s currently creating buzz in the Australian fitness industry is a homegrown plan called The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet. In fact, this diet has been around since 2005,

Over the years, these five letters have given a tick of approval of weight loss to hundreds of Australians, with its no fat, no-fuss and healthy eating plan. What more is that it has a solid, well-researched science behind to back up all the claims made.

What is the CSIRO Diet?

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet is a nutritionally balanced eating plan, in the form of a book, that works around the popular idea of maintaing a high protein and no fat diet, for every meal of the day. In 2005, the first recipe book was published by Penguin and it sold over 600,000 copies, just that year.

The recipes are simple and easy to put together. They include lean meats, lot of fresh vegetables and fruits and all the meals are packed with nutrition, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. 

Today, the four books have altogether sold a million copies and now the fifth recipe book has just hit shelves with more cooking and snacking ideas.

But, of course, most diet these days come with a huge price tag. In an investigative piece for A Current Affair, the Channel 9 crew and I test out some of the recipes from the new CSIRO cookbook to see if they can be prepared on a budget.



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