Back Pain: Foods That Cause Inflammation

Jul 16, 2014 | Eating Right

Lovers of pasta, I have bad news, not just for your waistlines but also your backs.

What you put in your body doesn’t just have its effects on the waistline or the the heart, but also in the way your muscles work and contract.

Chronic back pain can be a result a bad posture, yes, but doctors say 1 out of 4 times, it’s result of a bad diet and insufficient nutrients.

There is a very distinct link between what we eat and the back pain we experience. Although there is evidence that food can increase inflammation, be careful about dismissing your back pain as purely dietary as it could be the sign of something more serious.

When you eat a food group that causes inflammation, it result in having the tissues swell up, which then press to nerve to cause the pain sensation. Limiting food groups that cause inflammation can limit chronic back pain. Here are six inflammation causing food that no one talks about.

  1. High-saturation fat: Store bought donuts or pork ribs are highly responsible for causing chronic back pain. Reason being, the food additives added to these high trans and saturated fat foods create an inflammatory response with the heart, resulting in causing pain in the upper torso. Aim for leaner meat and eliminate fats from your diet if suffering from back pain.
  2. Sodium: Excessive sodium consumption, particularly in people who are overweight, has close ties to high blood pressure, liver, kidney and heart disease. Sodium is important to our body’s function, but too much can be harmful and can result in uneasy joint and muscle contractions. Use Himalayan pink rock salt wherever possible.
  3. Anything ‘white’ flour: Be it bread, biscuits, pasta or a wrap, white flour is super high in refined carbs. These carbs convert to simple sugar in the body which result in huge spike in inflammation. If you can’t cut carbohydrates from your diet during back pain, choose wholegrain variety where there are more grains and seeds involved, so to increase the fibre intake.
  4. Sugar drinks: Drinking sugar-rich drinks spike the blood sugar level and releases a hormone called cytokines which aids to inflammation of the muscles. If you lessen your sugar intake, the inflammatory hormones won’t get triggered hereby, decreasing the associated pain.
  5. Partially-hydrogenated oil: The fatty oils such as vegetable and sunflower oil are also to be blamed for enticing the inflammatory hormones. Start getting label savvy and read what’s in your oil. Look for anti-inflammatory fats found in coconut oil, olive oil and good quality canola oil.

Do you get back pain? What other foods do you think can cause chronic back pain? Share below.


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