5 Dinner Habits That Are Making You Gain Weight

Aug 14, 2014 | Eating Right

Every meal you consume counts, especially dinner, as it’s the last meal of the day and your body finally gets to relax. Unknowingly, you might be hampering your weight loss journey by making some serious mistakes on the dinner table.

Here’s what you’re doing wrong that may derail you from your weight loss journey:

  1. The timing: Eating right before bedtime and climbing into the covers straight after that bowl of pasta, is the number one reason why you can’t fall asleep and your jeans don’t fit you. When you fall asleep, the body also goes into sleep mode which would inadvertently slow down your metabolism and make you gain weight.
  2. Consuming caffeine: Having a diet coke with dinner or a green tea post-dinner would mess up with your sleeping pattern. It’s best you stop consuming caffeine around 4pm and stick to caffeine-free tea and water.
  3. Gluing your eyes to an LED screen: Watching TV while eating dinner or surfing your Instagram feed will confuse your mind from the food on the plate. You won’t eat mindfully and consume more calories than you should.
  4. Too much hic-hic-hooray: You’re allowed to have a glass of wine during dinner, but not that entire bottle (no matter how bad a day you had!). Alcohol has the power to screw up your hormones and sleeping pattern, plus exciting the body into believing there’s a long night ahead, so you would want to binge on more food, post-dinner. Do munchies ring a bell?
  5. Eating Like A King: That saying of eating breakfast like a king and dinner like a popper is not just melodious for the ears, but ridiculously true. When you give your body five portions of rice and two portions of meat to digest at dinner time, you would only just confuse it and have it restore it all as fat. Plus, your body might suffer from indigestion and acidity as well.

What are your worst dinner-time habits?



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