A Day In The Life of Justin Tamsett

May 23, 2013 | Business

This week, I’m going to profile a fitness industry veteran, a long-time friend and all round great bloke, Justin Tamsett.

He’s a 4th generation entrepreneur, an innovator, a comfort zone challenger (imagine this being your job title!) and thought leader.

What I love most about JT is his generosity and desire to help everyone achieve the best they can via his personal life experiences, and his enthusiasm for his work-life balance runs across those whom he educates.

In 2012, Justin penned his first book, Balancing Act, based on his personal journey in creating work-life balance, which let’s be honest, very few achieve these days. And all this came via a health issue JT was faced with in 2004, when he contacted a chronic stress-induced illness. And today, JT is fit, fine and all about healing your own self via the means of personal energy.

He combines his passion for small business with a passion for rugby. He is a former 1st grade coach at Northern Suburbs and now Director of Northern Suburbs Rugby Club and Cabana Bar & Lounge.

What does an average week of exercise look like to you?

My weekly exercise is a mix of strength and cardio and now pilates. I like to get in two strength and two running sessions a week. I used to train to train with a personal trainer every year for two years, but have replaced that now with pilates to, hopefully, reduce my running injuries.

Where do you train mostly? Gym? Outside?

Both! I cannot bring my self to do outdoor strength training, so I use a gym for that. On the flip side, I cannot stand staring at TV screens, so rain, hail or shine I will take running or walking outside!

How long do your sessions last for?

My strength sessions are always around 30-40minutes. My running is upward of an hour. Usually, a much longer run on the weekends.

How would you describe your training intensity? Are you a slow burner or fire cracker?

The days of being a fire cracker and feeling Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness [DOMS] for days post-workout are gone for me. I do enough to know I am changing or enhancing my fitness. I subscribe to this view, ‘Any training at any level is better than not training.’

How do you fit exercise into your crazy schedule? When do you train?

This has always been my challenge or perhaps I should say my excuse. I must exercise first thing in the morning or I just don’t get to it. This has meant IQ’ing TV shows and hitting the sack earlier, so I can run before breaky. I schedule my pilates into my diary, so it’s an appointment that cannot be changed – or they charge me! And my gym sessions are also found in my diary, straight after dropping my daughter off at day care.

Do you like to work towards a goal? If so what is it, or what have some recent goals been?

I am a goal oriented person. Being a positive enabler for my wife doing the Michelle Bridges 12-Week Body Transformation program, my goal was also weight loss. I don’t always have a long term goal, I just aim in each workout to do better than my last work out. However, I do aim for some line in the sand events for example half marathons. My extra long term goal is to complete a full marathon before I am 50.

What do you find hardest about exercise?

Starting! Quite seriously there is nothing hard about actually walking, running or hitting the gym. I am no-one special with extra drive or motivation. I struggle to get out of bed at 5am. I think I am too busy to get to the gym. I have plenty of excuses and no reasons.

But once the shoes are on, I am sweet and ready to rock. It is just getting those shoes on!

Have you always been an avid exerciser?

For the first 30 years of my life, exercise was sport for me. When I retired from competitive sport, I started using gyms more (even though I owned one!). However, for a decade I had every excuse under the sun not to regularly exercise. I would suggest I was a yo-yo exerciser – I would train hard of 2 or 3 months and stop for 2 or 3 and then repeat the cycle for years. The past 12 months I have identified my personal weaknesses around being an avid exerciser and work on that every day – by making appointments in my diary.

A song you like to workout to?

I cannot do any cardio without music. But I have no idea what songs are on it! I know I have a very weird taste in music with some Will.i.Am, Pink, Jet, and even Neil Diamond.

How does exercise improve your life? What do you notice about yourself physically, mentally, day-to-day when you are training regularly?

OMG I am a different person when I exercise! Happier for sure. Less stressed definitely. More productive without a doubt. And most importantly I am more alert. I feel my brain functions better after a work out. Exercise is critical to my well being and I do it for my health’s sake. Some people meditate in a quiet place, when I exercise this is my time and it is my form of meditation as I think and solve many business issues.

Check out Justin’s website here and follow him for more inspiration on Twitter here.




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