In partnership with Drop Bio Health

The New Approach to Weight Management

8-Week Inside Out Challenge

At-home, finger-prick blood tests combined with 8 weeks of personalised coaching to transform your body from the inside out.

Real insights bring real results

Weight loss is impacted by health biomarkers such as stress, sleep, inflammation, nutrition and fitness.

Our inside-out approach addresses the most relevant health indicators for weight loss in 8 weeks with at-home finger prick tests, in-depth lifestyle assessments and personalised coaching.

In partnership with Drop Bio Health, Amelia Phillips enables you to move beyond scales and transform how you look and feel from the inside out.

Put your trust in the best

Amelia Phillips has over 25 years of weight management leadership, is a published researcher (Bsc, MNut) and has coached thousands to lose weight.

Drop Bio Health’s state-of-the-art personalised health analysis is performed at the ISO 17025 accredited lab at the UNSW.

With this combination you can manage your weight and health now and into the future from the comfort of your home.

How it works?


Buy the Challenge as soon as it becomes available for purchase. Places are strictly limited.

You will receive your testing kit at home. Collect your finger-prick sample and mail it back to our lab


Receive your blood test results and lifestyle in-depth assessment on your secure online account.

This test will mark your starting point on your weight loss journey.


Join the live online sessions and initiate the Inside Out Challenge.

You will receive weekly exercise, nutrition and mindset coaching program from Amelia Phillips and have direct access to her via direct messaging.


Repeat your blood test at the end of the challenge to see how your body and health have changed.

Join a Live session with Amelia Phillips to discuss your results and next steps.

What’s included?

  • Fully-supported 8-week mindset, exercise and nutrition coaching program by Amelia Phillips, tailored for busy adults
  • Two Drop Bio Health WellBeing tests, one at the beginning and the other at the end of the  challenge
  • Tests include in-depth lifestyle assessment, biomarker analysis, biological age and tracked health changes
  • Direct access to Amelia Phillips throughout the program for personal guidance.
  • Two member-only live events
  • Prizes, including health retreat for two

Want to learn more?

Watch this Weight Management Webinar where Amelia Phillips discusses the six key elements to successful weight management, and more details on how her InsideOut Challenge works.

At the end of the challenge, you can win a weekend retreat for two in any Australian- based location with Journey Retreats.

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