How To Feel Better Right This Second

Apr 16, 2018 | Motivation, Parenting

Feeling a little blah? Don’t know what made you feel so – what is the bus driver or boss at work?

Here are some instant mood lifters to turn that frown upside-down.

  1. You are who you hang around: Hang out with someone who is in a happy mood because moods are contagious. Like the yawning effect, if you hang around people that are positive and laughing you will be caught up in their endorphins. Mayo Clinic studies show laughing has great short and long-term benefits to your moods.
  2. Catch up with a good friend: The chocolate café San Churro recently completed a survey in Australia that showed 85% of Australians are happiest when catching up with good friends. Ditch the Facebook chat and catch up for a coffee, walk or meal with someone in real life. We get caught up in the virtual world so much that we forget and underestimate the power of physical meetings and hugs.
  3. Listen to your favourite music or click on some of your holiday picsTake a moment to listen to your favourite upbeat tunes, and do so while flicking through your happy snaps from that last getaway. Happy memories will have you feeling positive in no time, and you’ll be humming for the rest of the day. What’s your one favourite song? Get in your car and blast it at the end of the day – I promise a smile!
  4. Exercise: Of course, I have to slip this one in. There is plenty of research that shows exercise is an effective treatment of mood disorders or depression. It releases happy endorphins that give you a feeling of elation. No need to go extreme, just get out of the office or house and enjoy 10 mins of power walking. If you start to feel good, I bet you’ll go the extra mile and go for a little longer on the treadmill.
  5. SnackOn some chocolate, err, I mean walnuts, salmon or olive oil – a recent study found that people who consumed olive oil are less likely to be depressed. Other studies suggest foods high in Omega-3 such as salmon and walnuts have mood boosting properties. As for the chocolate, we know there is research that shows dark chocolate helps to regulate the stress hormone… not a full block though, 2-3 squares only.
  6. Say ‘hi’ to a stranger: I know, it sounds really random and strange but you would be surprised to know the Uni Of British Columbia found that a brief interaction with a stranger reported having a positive experience, a feeling of ‘belonging’ and overall putting them in a better mood. Try it on your next commute, or chat up your local (hot!) barista.
  7. Buy flowers for yourself: OK lads, maybe skip this one, but ladies, do this after work on a Monday night and see how great you feel about the week ahead. Buying flowers for your home is not just for occasions or when the in-laws are coming home for a meal, it’s for the time when you want to feel good about life and the presence of joy around you. Buy your favourite blooms after a rough day, and see how instantly you’ll be beaming.

Try one of these sure ways to lift your mood instantaneously.

What’s your number 1 way to feel better instantly? Share with me below. 




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